Monday, September 22, 2014

Tufts 10k Training Weeks 4-6

Training has been going well except silly Jen realized this week that I miscalculated and I actually have 3 more weeks until the race!  Week 6 was my highest mileage week—but now I’ll have to alter my training and redo my toughest week to make it a 9-week training program.

Week 4 started off at the Tuesday night run club at Marathon Sports Mashpee.  My work schedule changed a bit and I finally can go.  I ran 3 miles with Chris and then grabbed something to eat with some new friends Allison, Stacey and Dave next door at the Lanes.  Friday my parents and I spent the day on the Vineyard with Barb & John and Saturday I was lucky to have my mom and BFF Barbie accompany me on my long run.  It was a rough one.  99% humidity with a dew point of 75 is not ideal long run conditions!

Week 5 was an off week.  Allergies, stress, and fatigue took over my body and put me out of commission for a few days.  Tiff and I met at my house before the Marathon Sports Pub Run for a 3.1 mile loop around my hood and then ran 3.1 at the Pub Run.  That’s 6.2 for the team!  (The Cape Cod Rehab Flyers are hoping to return to the Cape Cod Marathon Relay with a goal of breaking 3 hours.)  I helped celebrate Craig's birthday on Saturday night ended up skipping my long run for a couch and football day on a rare Sunday off.  Oops!

Week 6 was fun.  I tried a Triple Play workout at the gym, won a $25 gift certificate at Marathon Sports run club one year anniversary party (followed by fro-yo with new run club friends), tested my speed on Wednesday with a tempo run (last mile was sub-7) and a 10 mile long run with Lindi Lou on the bike.  It was also #kkandalex wedding weekend and had so much fun catching up with old friends and dancing all night!  Sidenote: Kristen looked gorgeous!

Week 4 Recap
Monday – Day off!
Tuesday – Spin class, 3 miles at run club
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – Spin class, 4 miles
Friday – Day off!
Saturday – 8 miles
Sunday – Spin class, 4 miles

Week 4 Totals: 24 miles

Week 5 Recap
Monday – 4 miles
Tuesday – Spin class, 3 miles at run club
Wednesday – Day off!
Thursday – Day off!
Friday – 3 miles with Tiff, 3 miles at the pub run
Saturday – 3 miles
Sunday – Skipped by 6 mile long run…

Week 5 Totals: 16 miles

Week 6 Recap
Monday – 3 miles, 2/3 Triple Play, 1 mile
Tuesday – Spin class, 3 miles at run club
Wednesday – 5 miles
Thursday – Spin class
Friday – Day off!
Saturday – Spin class, 10 miles
Sunday – Spin class, 3 miles with Lizzie

Week 6 Totals: 25 miles

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Run Jen Run Loves Smoothies

I love smoothies!  I also love making my own creations. 

Here’s this morning’s post-run smoothie...

1 banana
Handful of frozen strawberries
Handful of frozen peaches
2 scoops Arbonne vanilla protein powder
1 scoop flaxseed
1 scoop peanut butter
Splash of tart cherry juice
Water as needed