Friday, May 12, 2023

High Tides & Low Mileage

Ahh spring running. A sign of new life and good things to come.

One day the sky is blue and the sun in shining. The next six days you get grey, grey, mist, rain, fog and more grey.

One day you’re sweating running in shorts and a t-shirt. The next you leave your work pants on and have to search for your emergency fleece jacket that you keep in the trunk of your car.

One day your breathing is heavy and you struggle to catch your breath because you’re not acclimated to the quick change to running in warmer temperatures. The next you can’t breath as you constantly inhale the smell of fresh lilacs, newly laid down mulch, beach grass and tree pollen with every breath.

Gosh don’t you just love the springtime?

On another note… I’ve been running 3-5 miles about 3 times per week. I’m hoping to try 6 miles very soon. I still have a long way to go.

Right now the best part of my run is my mid-run beach walks along Popponesset or a water break stop at Naukabout Brewery.

I’ve been catching the beach a lot at high tide so the sea glass count is low. Soon the beach will be crowded at all hours of the day and I’ll miss the peace in having it all to myself.

I’m struggling to find a consistent running and workout schedule as I’ve had a lot of doctor’s appointments, a vet visit, haircut, retirement party and such lately which is throwing me off. Work is about to get crazy once Memorial Day hits but my work schedule will be pretty consistent so I should be able to settle into a routine and figure out what days will be run days, what days I’m teaching classes and what days I will workout on my own following a plan from my personal trainer Craig.

On a positive note, all good news from my 4 month post-op ultrasound.

On a Reggie note, she has also been struggling a bit with the warmer weather days. Today I had to drop her off at home after 2 miles and then continued on my own. I also had to return her new Ruffwear running harness/hydration pack because it just didn’t fit right on her long, skinny body. We will have to come up with another idea!


That’s about all I have to say for now. 177 days to go until the New York City Marathon!

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