Monday, October 30, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 15 of 16

15 weeks down, 1 to go!

Race week is here! I can’t even believe it. I also hit by fundraising goal for the MEB Foundation with donations still coming in. So cool to have so many people support me and to know we are making an impact by helping youth in the areas of health, education and fitness.

As for last week…

Monday was a normal rest day. I didn’t have anyone for Foam Roll & Stretch class so I actually slept in a little. These next 2 weeks sleep is extra important so its nice to sneak in some extra hours where ever I can.

I didn’t run again on Tuesday because after work we had our Employee Appreciation Party.  That made 3 non-running days in a row for me! Thank you taper time.

I ran an easy 3 miler on Wednesday. The weather was windy but beautiful. I opened at work on Thursday morning so I left work earlier than usual. I came home thinking I would catch Craig before he went into work but just missed him. Now I was at home staring at a crazy Reggie, eager to join me on my run. It was 71 degrees. We stayed close to home because I didn’t know how far she’d make it being this warm in late October. She lasted 2 miles before I dropped her off at home and continued on for another 2 on my own. Later I got to watch the Bills on Thursday Night Football. BIG DUBS.

Friday was another 3 miler. It was cloudy but a lot warmer than I thought. During my run I was thinking about how many times I would stop and walk on a 3 mile run early on in training. I’ve come a long way since starting the year off with 6 weeks on the couch! That night I re-watched Spirit of the Marathon for more motivation.

I worked Saturday afternoon and took a day off from running. Instead I set up a halloween photoshoot with the pups then took G by Naukabout in her pineapple costume. Tis the season.

Sunday morning was my final long run before 26.2. I had 10 on the schedule. They were predicting rain to start around 11am so I hoped to be out the door around 9am. My dad joined me on the bike. I forgot to use my inhaler and left my body glide at home. I didn’t take any pictures. We made 2 quick stops at the beach and only found one tiny piece of sea glass. I was in “just get it done” mode. It was ONLY 10 miles. I was ready to get it over with - before the rain - and move on to RACE WEEK! LET’S GOOOO! 

Monday 10.23.23


Tuesday 10.24.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 10.25.23

3 miles (23:19)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 10.26.23

4 miles (32:46)

Low Impact Aerobics

Friday 10.27.23

3 miles (23:35)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 10.28.23


Sunday 10.29.23

10 miles with Daddo on the bike (1:18:46)

This week’s mileage: 20 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 2 miles

Training totals: 395 miles


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Why I’m running the 2023 NYC Marathon

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 14 of 16

14 weeks down, 2 to go!

Monday was a rest day and I had a great foam roll and stretch session with the ladies. I wasn’t as sore as expected after running 20 miles 2 days prior so that was a win. I felt great for Tuesday aerobics in the morning but was not feeling the after work run at all. I struggled through 4 miles on tired legs and was very happy when it was over.

On Wednesday I treated myself to a massage! I booked this appointment a few months ago knowing it would be a few days after my 20 miler. It was just what I needed.

Thursday was another aerobics morning + 4 mile afternoon. I was feeling a little better heading into this run and I was hoping to run 5 miles so I would only have to run 3 on Friday but I only made it 4. Oh well. That just meant I’d have to run 4 on Friday. 

That night Craig and I went out for a bit and checked out Comedy Night at Naukabout. Earlier in the day we found out our friend Rob passed away the night before so it was nice to get out and laugh.

My only long run option for the week was Saturday because we were going to the Bills game on Sunday. All week it was looking like rain all day on Saturday. Yay. When I woke up Saturday morning, the radar showed a break in the rain from about 9:30am-12pm. Perfect. I’d run and be home for the noon kickoff of #7 Penn State at #4 Ohio State. Craig and I made coffee and had a little breakfast as I waited around. As it got closer to 9:30, that window was shrinking. Now 10am-12pm. Then 10:30-12pm. I made the decision to run 12 miles instead of the scheduled 14. It just wasn’t worth it. I got anxious and decided to head out the door at 10:00am - in the rain. It was pretty steady, light rain and about 60 degrees.

At the time, everything about the run sucked. I spent the first 2 miles readjusting my new Bills hat - the hat I am planning on wearing during the marathon if it’s warm, sunny or raining. I almost threw it out a mile in because I was so annoyed with it but then I finally got it to fit just right.

I spent the next few miles running with a heavy heart thinking about Rob and all the wonderful memories over the years. Rob was a fan boy with Bill and the two of them were always the best and in every one of my classes at Mashpee Fitness. I’ll never forget Rob’s fashion and the MTV shorts, his sprinting technique (or cheating) during long laps in the pool or his wide range of music favorites from Britney Spears Work Bitch to Ed Sheeran Sing, Pretty Fly for a White Guy to CECILIA and of course anything by the Stones. He was one of a kind and will certainly be missed.

I tried to shift my mindset to the positives. It was 60 degrees, not 30 degrees. I confirmed that the leggings I wore would be my race day leggings if the weather was cooler. I was also trying to look and pay attention to all the beautiful fall foliage.

I ran Cotuit and told my dad to stay home that day - even though he was more than willing to bike next to me in the rain. I was about 4 miles from home when I saw his red truck turn around on a side street up ahead. It was nice to take a little break and chat and wipe the rain off my face. He said he would drive a little bit further up and meet me just before I crossed 28 and ventured up the hill.

Just before I got to him the second time, it started POURING. I did make a quick stop at his truck then took off towards home. I had no problem crossing 28 but that first stretch up the hill I was getting splashed from every direction from cars passing by. It was the worst. I powered up the hill and didn’t even stop for a break. I just wanted to get home. I was so over this run.

When I got home, I was SOAKED. I peeled off my clothes and jumped right into the shower before spending the next couple of hours on the couch with my Normatecs, drinking hot coffee and watching Penn State lose yet again to Ohio State.

Sunday was game day! I had been waiting for this day since I bought tickets back in June. Bills were playing at New England in October. The past few years they have been playing here late December/early January. I was pumped. Craig and I got up, packed our gear and headed to Foxboro.

My cousin Austin drove in from Buffalo and we had a blast even though the Bills played like crap. Josh Allen kept over throwing Diggs. Von Miller only played 6 snaps. Tyler Bass missed a field goal. The defense was without Tre White and Matt Milano. It was sad. But Craig wore a pair of my Zubaz (his choice), we brought Blue Lights to the tailgate, we had awesome front row seats by the Bills tunnel and we were surrounded by a lot of Bills fans. They really know how to have a good time - even when we are losing.

With 2 more weeks to go, I’m getting closer to my fundraising goal. I appreciate each and every one of you that has donated so far or has taken the time to wish me luck, read my blog or ask about my training. Running is such an individual sport but as I’ve said before, it takes a village and I wouldn’t be where I am today - 2 weeks away from the marathon - without Team MEB, my parents, Craig, family, friends, coworkers and clients/club members. You are all the best. Go Bills!

Monday 10.16.23


Foam Roll & Stretch

Tuesday 10.17.23

4 miles (31:34)

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 10.18.23

30 min Mat CORE


Thursday 10.19.23

4 miles (31:19)

Low Impact Aerobics

Friday 10.20.23

4 miles (31:33)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 10.21.23

12 miles (1:26:23)

Sunday 10.22.23


This week’s mileage: 24 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 0 miles

Training totals: 375 miles


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Why I’m running the 2023 NYC Marathon

If you would like to support me and donate to the MEB Foundation, visit my fundraising page:

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 13 of 16

13 weeks down, 3 to go!

It’s my favorite part of marathon training - taper time! The hard work is done. Time to recover and get ready for race day.

I received a few more donations this week which brought me up to 66% of my fundraising goal for the MEB Foundation. Getting close! If you haven’t donated already, doing so not only gets me to the start line in New York City but also helps give youth the opportunity to succeed in the areas of health, education and fitness.

Here’s the link to my fundraising page:

It was also an exciting week because bib numbers and start line waves/corrals were assigned! I am number 18824. Woo woo!

Ok back to training… Monday was a holiday. I was originally planning a day off from work so I cancelled Foam Roll and Stretch but ended up booking a couple clients and headed in for the morning.

On Tuesday I taught low impact aerobics then ran 5 after work. It was a lot warmer than I thought but I felt good. I had an appointment at CVS for my flu shot and even though I gave myself plenty of time, I still hurried along. The worst part was when I got there I found out they didn’t have any left. I was so annoyed. Thanks for the notification.

I had to open on Wednesday morning and it was nice to not feel crappy from a vaccination. I got home and took Reggie out with the intentions of running 5 miles. We ended up going for 6 but then as we were running up the driveway I remembered I left a poop bag at the corner. Bonus mile for Jen!

Thursday started with a really fun aerobics class but then the day dragged on. I felt more tired than I did the day before when I opened! My run sucked. My legs felt heavy. My mind wasn’t in it. I even had a little mid-run beach walk but found ZERO pieces of sea glass. Lame. Then I stopped at one point during the last mile to walk up a hill and forgot to stop by watch. Oh well. I was happy when it was over.

Friday was another weird day. I woke up to some bad news about a friend then felt a little off the rest of the day. I had an ocular migraine which caused a headache and nausea then some new neck pain which also didn’t help. I closed at work and took the afternoon off from running. I had to rest up for Saturday’s long run!

You read that right - Saturday was long run day this week! Not only was the weather looking better on Saturday but on Sunday Craig and I had tickets to Oysterfest in Wellfleet!

I woke up Saturday morning feeling a little nervous but ready to get my longest training run over with. I got ready, packed everything up and was on my way to Falmouth.

My dad joined me on his bike. The weather was PERFECT. Temperatures in the low 50s, sunny with a slight breeze. At one point I even told my dad if the weather was like this on race day, I would be one happy runner.

I wish I had more to say about the run but it wasn’t that eventful. I didn’t feel all that bad. A little tired the last couple of miles, but that’s expected. I had no ankle pain. My dad stayed upright on his bike. We each found only 1 piece of sea glass. I didn’t even feel very sore after. The biggest news was that I got it done. 20 miles. 36 miles total on the week.

I stopped for Starbucks and Duke’s Donuts on the way home then housed 2 double glazed donuts in the parking lot. Later that day, Craig and I took a drive to Turk’s Seafood in Mattapoisett and I crushed delicious scallops, tuna tacos and a lobster sushi bomb.

Sunday was a good day. Craig and I got to sleep in then met up with Pete, Meg and the girls for Oysterfest. The Bills played Sunday night but I barely made it to halftime. I was exhausted. What a weekend! So happy to say it’s time to taper… 3 weeks to go!!

Monday 10.9.23


Tuesday 10.10.23

5 miles (38:52)

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 10.11.23

5.97 miles with Reggie (47:07)

1.02 miles (7:43)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 10.12.23

4 miles (32:12)

Low Impact Aerobics

Friday 10.13.23

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 10.14.23

20 miles with Daddo on the bike (2:40:23)

Sunday 10.15.23


This week’s mileage: 36 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 6 miles

Training totals: 351 miles


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Why I’m running the 2023 NYC Marathon

If you would like to support me and donate to the MEB Foundation, visit my fundraising page: