Monday, July 31, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 2 of 16

2 weeks down, 14 to go!

It was another good week of training. I took Monday off - no running, no classes - to let my body recover from Sunday’s long run.

I subbed a super steamy outdoor Hi Lo HIIT class for Dana then taught Low Impact Aerobics on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, I headed out for 4 miles on tired legs but took it easy and only stopped once 2.25 miles in to take a pic of some pretty lilies. As I was driving home, Craig texted me to stop by Naukabout because their slushy machine was up and running and I needed to try their new hard seltzer “sloshies.” SO GOOD.

I was really sore waking up the next morning and that soreness continued the rest of the week. I ran almost the same 4 mile loop again after work on Wednesday - this time a lot more stops in the last 2 miles.

Friday was the hottest day of the summer. I waited until about 6pm to get in my run. Another 4 miler. This time I ran around the neighborhood but I didn’t stop once! This is the only 2nd time I’ve accomplished this since my surgery. Our new outdoor shower sure felt nice after this week of very sweaty running. On all these hot runs, I keep reminding myself how good fall running will feel if I can get through these summer months.

Sunday morning was GLORIOUS. 64 degrees, low humidity, slight breeze. Amazing. I headed to Falmouth for my 12 miler. I felt great for the most part. My usual hip pain started around the half way point. Then about mile 9 I started to get bored. Not tired or out of breath, just bored. I was ready to be done. I was already ready to go to Naukabout for another sloshie. Perfect post-run beverage. I made it back to my parents house and relaxed for a bit before going to Naukabout with Craig. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach and stopped for waffle cones at Somerset Creamery on the way home. Great day.

Monday 7.24.23


Tuesday 7.25.23

4 miles (31:20)


Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 7.26.23

4 miles (31:31)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 7.27.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Friday 7.28.23

4 miles (32:16)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 7.29.23

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Saturday Strength

Sunday 7.30.23

12 miles (1:34:23)

This week’s mileage: 24 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 0 miles

Training totals: 46 miles


Week 1 of 16

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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 1 of 16

1 week down, 15 to go!

My first week of NYC Marathon training went well. I am most likely going to be taking Mondays off from running however it didn’t feel right to NOT run this week on Monday—the first official day of training! Besides, Craig and I tried to paddle board but by the time I got out of work it was way too windy so he was nice enough to distract Reggie while I snuck out the door for a 4 miler.

I ran 5 miles after work around New Seabury on Wednesday then an easy 3 on Friday. I brought along Reggie but it was way too hot and she only made it a mile and a half.

Sunday is long run day and it was the first Sunday in weeks we saw the sun! Instead of long running in Falmouth, I did an old out and back route through Cotuit so I could eliminate travel time and get to the beach sooner. 

I struggled on this 10 miler. The last 3.5 miles were rough. It was sunny and hot. I also forgot how hilly Cotuit is but I made it. Craig drove by me on his motorcycle when I was about 3/4 mile from home. He was out picking up post-run breakfast sandwiches from Cafe Chew. I was done with 10 by 10am and on the beach by noon. Happy Jen.

Other highlights:

  • I golfed 9 holes on Thursday with Craig and my parents! It was my dad’s first time out since his hand surgeries my first of the year. It wasn’t pretty but we had a good time.

Monday 7.17.23
4 miles (31:01)

Tuesday 7.18.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 7.19.23

5 miles (38:22)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 7.20.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Golfed 9 holes

Friday 7.21.23

3 miles (22:56)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 7.22.23

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Saturday Strength

Mowed the lawn

Sunday 7.24.23

10 miles (1:18:01)

This week’s mileage: 20 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 1.5 miles

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Recovery Week | Training Begins Monday

I can’t believe it’s mid-July already and training for the New York City Marathon begins on MONDAY!

Catching you up since my last post…

Craig and I bought stand up paddle boards on and took them on their maiden voyage - about an hour and a half journey around Popponesset Island. My upper body was sore for 4 days after!!


A few days later my grandma passed away. That was really hard. She was the last of my 4 grandparents. I was feeling very guilty about not making it back for her funeral on 7/5 but I am very happy to have gotten a chance to see her and play Kings in a Corner with her in May.


I ran my first 8 miler on the Friday night of 4th of July weekend. Awful decision. I worked a full day and thought I’d go for 3-4 miles when I got home. It was hot and very humid but I felt good the first few miles so I extended my run to 6… then 8 miles… because why not! At the time they were said rain all day on Sunday so I thought I would get my long run out of the way. After 8 miles I was beat. Then I had to get up the next morning and teach the first pool class of the year followed by Saturday Strength. My legs were like Jello after the first few squats.

On Sunday I ran 10 miles! Yes, 10! All along I was hoping to run an 8 or a 10 before training officially started and I’m so happy I was able to run both.  The best part about this week’s 10 miler was how good I felt. First of all, I ran in the morning. Game changer. All these after work runs have been tough. Tired legs and HOT, HUMID weather. I ran some of my favorite long run roads in Falmouth. I even made it 4.25 miles before my first stop at the beach. Lately I feel like I’ve been taking 2-3 breaks on a 3 mile run! After the run, Craig and the pups joined me at my parents house for a refreshing dip in the pool and cheeseburgers on the grill made by my newly retired dad. 

This week is a recovery week and I am happy and becoming confident and very excited to start training on Monday!

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