Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Race Report: Buffalo Half Marathon 2017

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Buffalo Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I just got back from Buffalo, New York where I spent Memorial Day weekend with family and represented BibRave for the 2nd year in a row at the Buffalo Marathon.  I had a blast running last year and I couldn’t wait to get back with one goal of ringing the PR bell as I crossed the half marathon finish line.  If you’ve been following along, you saw this goal slip further and further away from me due to injury but I was determined to go and take advantage of a fun weekend of running (and walking) with my cousin Melissa.

I got into town on Friday afternoon after a long solo drive.  Within the first few hours I already had some of my favorite Western New York foods: Tim Hortons, a sub from Wegmans and of course… chicken wings!

Saturday morning was the John Beishline Memorial 5k.  Melissa originally signed up to run with her boyfriend Mike and told me I should too.  Before my injury I thought it would be a good shake out run opportunity but now this became the main focus of the weekend for me.

The race sold out at 1,200 runners so there was a pretty big crowd for a 5k.  I told Melissa I would stay with her for the whole run and that’s just what I did.  We started with Mike and lost him about half way.  The race ran through neighborhoods and headed back around Niagara Square to finish in front of the convention center.  We jogged.  We walked.  And then we ran through the finish line.  I had a blast! 

After the 5k we had a full day of activities that included picking up our half marathon bib numbers at the race expo, a trip to the outlets, nail appointments, pasta for dinner and an early bedtime.

Sunday morning was half marathon morning and my 4:45am wake up call came way too early!  Ali got to Melissa’s apartment at 5:15am and we headed to the start line.

Since I wasn’t cleared to run more than 4 miles I decided that I wouldn’t start the race and I would run the second half with Melissa.  I’ll admit that I had a ton of guilt doing this.  It didn’t feel right.  But I was a registered runner and I took the timing chip off the back of my bib number so there would be no record of times and check points.  Once I saw Melissa and I started running with her, I was happy I made this decision.  She was having a rough day (her ankle had been bothering her) so we ran/walked the rest of the course.  The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and we probably did way more walking then running but I didn’t even care.

Melissa crossed the finish line in 2:58:59.  She was way off her goal but happy to stay under 3 hours.  After the race we met back up with Ali (she was a DNF 😥) and enjoyed a Mile 27 beer brewed by Flying Bison especially for the Buffalo Marathon.  Pretty cool, right?

So what’s next for me?

I will probably run the Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA on August 20th but my next goal race will be Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon in September!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
September 17, 2017
Use code BIBRAVE 15 for $15 off the half!

Did you run the Buffalo Marathon? Head on over to and post your race review!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Packing for a Running Racecation

Disclaimer: I was recently sent an Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. I also received a free entry to the Buffalo Marathon. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I’m off to Buffalo this weekend for Buffalo Marathon race weekend.  This weekend combines 3 of my favorite things: running, traveling and my family.  It also includes one of my least favorite things: packing.  Man, I’m the worst.  Not only do I over pack but I always over pack the wrong stuff.

The good thing about traveling for a race by car, is that you can stuff a ton of extra stuff in the trunk and that’s ok.  Extra shoes, extra jackets, an extra pillow… I have not even started putting together my everyday clothes yet but my giant Orange Mud Gym Bag is packed up and ready with my Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set and all my running clothes. 

Run Jen Run Tip #1: I like to keep my running gear separate from my everyday clothes because organization means less stress on race day!

If you’re flying to a race destination, things could get a little trickier.  You have to figure out what to pack to still keep your suitcase light—or you may decide that you are not even going to check a bag—and still leave some room to bring back some race merchandise and souvenirs.

Run Jen Run Tip #2: Make sure to carry on all of your race day essentials.  Don’t take any chances!


In addition to the usual packing of everyday clothes, bathroom stuff, make up and jewelry, here is my Running Racecation Check List…

Passport (Especially if you are traveling to Buffalo! Niagara Falls, Canada is so close!)

Run Jen Run Tip #3: If you are traveling by plane, bring a reusable water bottle to fill up once you get through security.

Socks (Balegas of course!)
Compression sleeves
Sports Bra
Pre-Race Throwaways
Body Glide
Race Nutrition

Packet Pick Up Info
Jacket(s)/Rain Gear
Chargers (watch, phone, iPod, etc.)
Race Morning Breakfast/Snacks
Post-Race OOFOS & Dry Clothes
Orange Mud Transition Wrap
Bathing Suit

What am I missing?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekly Roundup 5.8-5.14 & 5.15-5.21

Two weeks have gone by and I’m progressing!  I’ve been able to try spinning and… wait for it… running!  My physical therapist Kathy had me start run/walking and now I’m up to 3 miles!

Other highlights:

·      For the second year in a row, I got to see BibRave Pro Eric as he ran through my town during Ragnar Cape Cod!  Always a treat!

·      On a GORGEOUS 85 degree Friday, I met up with my coworker Craig and tried paddle boarding for the first time!  The water was cold and I was terrified of falling in but I had a blast!  My goal is to partake in more “activities” this summer…

Upcoming events:

·      1 week until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 5.8.17
30’ deep water running
10’ Burdenko
8,318 steps

Tuesday 5.9.17
7,559 steps

Wednesday 5.10.17
30’ elliptical
10,414 steps

Thursday 5.11.17
Power Water
9,589 steps

Friday 5.12.17
20’ elliptical
PT with Kathy
13,476 steps

Saturday 5.13.17
Taught spin class 28’
Water Interval
12,369 steps

Sunday 5.14.17
Happy Mother’s Day!
Taught spin class 32’
Burdenko H2O
15,239 steps

Monday 5.15.17
40’ walk
1 mile (8:48)
10,981 steps

Tuesday 5.16.17
Taught spin class 30’
11,154 steps

Wednesday 5.17.17
2 miles (15:47)
15,232 steps

Thursday 5.18.17
Taught spin class 40’
Power Water
13,926 steps

Friday 5.19.17
2.50 miles (20:46)
PT with Kathy
4’ Jacobs Ladder
12,103 steps

Saturday 5.20.17
3x60” planks
20’ walk with G and mama
9,425 steps

Sunday 5.21.17
Piggy Trot 3.7 miles (38:57)
3x60” planks
12,970 steps

Last week’s mileage: 0 miles
This week’s mileage: 9 miles
Last week’s G mileage: 0 miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
May Totals: 9 miles
2017 Totals: 309 miles

Monday, May 22, 2017

Race Report: Piggy Trot 2017

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Piggy Trot for the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope and my 7th year in a row running!  I love this race, the course, the cause—and I’m always excited for Piggy Trot morning.

As you know, I’ve been injured.  My physical therapist has only given me the ok to walk/run every other day up to 3 miles total.  The Piggy Trot is 3.7 miles.

While the original plan was to pace Eric and hopefully race to another pig trophy, I rewire my brain to make this a fun run.  I’m always lucky to have my mom and a bunch of work friends and run club friends running this race so this year I tagged along with Allison—who was stroller running, pushing Catherine.  It did turn into a walk/run for real because Catherine kept throwing her stuffed animal out of the stroller and then she wanted water… didn’t want water… wanted water… didn’t want water… and so on.

My mom started with us then kept running during one of our stops.  Once she hit mile 3 she started walking and we caught up so we all could cross the finish line together!

(📸: Stacey Hedman)

Up next: Buffalo Half Marathon in Buffalo, NY on May 28th!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Roundup 4.24-4.30 & 5.1-5.7

Hey guys!  It’s been two weeks since I last posted a Weekly Roundup and I still haven’t tried running a step.  This injury has been super frustrating and is making me crazy.  It’s always worse when you CAN’T do something versus when you just don’t want to.  I was diagnosed with an abductor strain.  For awhile I was getting a lot of referred pain down my leg and to my piriformis but now it is more localized.  Sitting hurts.  Standing too long hurts.  I also haven’t been able to spin.  I can’t jump around in pool class.  I wasn’t sleeping.  My appetite is suppressing (probably to a normal appetite 😂).  I lost about 4 pounds but I’m getting fluffy.  Not running sucks.

I’m trying to stay motivated and looking ahead to future goals—I signed up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia in September—because I can feel Buffalo slipping away from me.  I may still be able to run the half Memorial Day weekend but I know I won’t be able to race.  I’m being a good little PT patient and doing all my exercises, stretching a ton, rolling every day and getting in the pool a few times a week.  Kathy has been awesome—spending so much time with me, being so accommodating and putting me to WERK.  So many glute exercises!

While healing is slow, I am sleeping through the night and definitely getting stronger.  I used the elliptical pain-free this weekend and finally was able to go long enough to sweat on Sunday!  Baby steps.  It’s hard to remember sometimes but small progress is still progress.

Other highlights:

·      I’m getting new floors!  Last weekend I helped my dad rip up the kitchen.  Georgie supervised and I took out all the nails.

Upcoming events:

·      2 weeks until the Piggy Trot!
·      3 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 4.24.17
PT with Kathy
20’ Burdenko
7,440 steps

Tuesday 4.25.17
10,527 steps

Wednesday 4.26.17
30’ Burdenko
9,388 steps

Thursday 4.27.17
Power Water
10 push ups
14,173 steps

Friday 4.28.17
PT with Kathy
5’ elliptical
18’ walk with G
10’ walk with G and mama
8,701 steps

Saturday 4.29.17
30’ Burdenko
7,489 steps

Sunday 4.30.17
Burdenko H2O
14,429 steps

Monday 5.1.17
PT with Kathy
7,364 steps

Tuesday 5.2.17
10,175 steps

Wednesday 5.3.17
PT with Kathy
8’ elliptical
9,384 steps

Thursday 5.4.17
Power Water
10,970 steps

Friday 5.5.17
15’ elliptical
30’ Burdenko
9,268 steps

Saturday 5.6.17
18’ walk with G and mama
9,293 steps

Sunday 5.7.17
20’ elliptical
7,530 steps

Last week’s mileage: 0 miles
This week’s mileage: 0 miles
Last week’s G mileage: 0 miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
April Totals: 16 miles
May Totals: 0 miles
2017 Totals: 300 miles

Friday, May 5, 2017

Run Jen Run’s Friday Five 5.5.17

What’s up everyone?

I’m back for the fourth installment of #FridayFive where I will be sharing 5 things I’m currently loving…

Because today is Cinco de Mayo! Its authentic Mexican flavors with a Cape Cod spin easily puts Anejo at the top of my list for best restaurant in Falmouth.  Make sure to order the tableside guac and save room for the fried ice cream!

Injuries suck.  Not running sucks.  I’m going crazy but physical therapy works.  Slow progress is frustrating but progress is progress and I’m happy to be getting stronger and a little more pain-free every day.

It’s been awhile since I read a really good book but my coworker Eric brought this in for me and I’m hooked.  I’ve always struggled with the mental aspect of running and I’ve often let it get the best of me.  This book uses real examples from elite athletes to help readers find and develop their own mental toughness.  From the introduction…  
“Not all endurance athletes are head cases, but given the nature of the sports in which they participate, all endurance athletes face psychological challenges, and all such challenged are either directly or indirectly related to perception of effort.  If racing wasn’t as hard as hell, athletes would not experience moments of self-doubt, or pre-race apprehension, or post-race regret, or mental burnout, or intimidation.  Even most training errors, such as overtraining, originate in the fear of suffering.”

Duh!  BibRave and AfterShokz put together the Spring #ShokzBox filled with the hottest running gear from Orange Mud, Knuckle Lights, Buff and Brilliant Reflective and I’m obsessed.  I got a sneak peak through an opportunity from BibRave and I’m looking forward to spreading the love and gifting it to my dad.  Priced at $199 (a $285 value), the Spring #ShokzBox is only available from 5/1-5/14 and quantities are limited.  Check it out here:

Marshawn Lynch
Oh. Em. Gee.  I can’t get enough!  Arguably one of my favorite players ever in the NFL, Beast Mode is also the ugliest dude in the NFL but I LOVE HIM.  I am so excited to see him in an Raiders uniform because he is really really really from Oakland doe.

From @NFL
That’s all for today.  Check back on the first Friday of every month for 5 more of my favorite things!