Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Roundup 2.22-2.28

14 miles last week, 16 miles this week, and one more week until my 12-week Buffalo Half Marathon training begins!

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Also, a BIG congratulations goes out to my daddo aka Marky Mark for running the Hyannis Half Marathon on Sunday!  He did great in the wind!

Upcoming events:

·      13 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 2.22.16
4 miles (28:53)
1 mile with G (8:38)
17,007 steps

Tuesday 2.23.16
Taught spin class
10 push ups
Core exercises
9,247 steps

Wednesday 2.24.16
2.55 miles with G (24:26)
11,734 steps

Thursday 2.25.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Working for the Weekend Spin Playlist
Power Water
10 push ups
14,946 steps

Friday 2.26.16
2 miles with G (17:30)
3.5 miles (26:40)
18,658 steps

Saturday 2.27.16
3 miles (23:45)
10’ TRX workout
16,426 steps

Sunday 2.28.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Lose Control Spin Playlist
45’ walk with Lindsey
12,059 steps

This week’s mileage: 16 miles
This week’s G mileage: 5.5 miles
February Totals: 44.5 miles
2016 Totals: 96.5 miles

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Roundup 2.15-2.21

It was a big week!  I ran 14 miles, which is my biggest mileage week since the Houston Marathon and the pup ran half of them with me!

My goal is to get Georgie to run 3 days per week for 3-4 miles.  I enjoy her company and a tired dog = a happy Jen.  Her running is getting longer, faster and way less walking breaks!  She has a lot of triggers to work on but Georgie has been making a ton of progress on the roads and I’m such a proud dog mom!

Upcoming events:

·      14 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 2.15.16
2.48 miles with G (21:32)
12,212 steps

Tuesday 2.16.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Somethin’ Bad Spin Playlist
10 push ups
9,420 steps

Wednesday 2.17.16
4 miles (30:54)
16,906 steps

Thursday 2.18.16
1.40 miles with G (12:56)
Taught spin class. The playlist: Lovestoned Spin Playlist
Power Water
58 squats for Earle’s 58th birthday!
13,280 steps

Friday 2.19.16
2.95 miles with G (26:27)
13,627 steps

Saturday 2.20.16
3 miles (23:35)
10’ TRX workout
13,281 steps

Sunday 2.21.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Heartbreaker Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
45’ walk with Lindsey
14,656 steps

This week’s mileage: 14 miles
This week’s G mileage: 7 miles
February Totals: 28.5 miles
2016 Totals: 80.5 miles

Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Roundup 2.8-2.14

Guys!  I’m so proud of Georgie this week!  We had 2 great 2-mile runs, 2 days in a row!  They were super cold days—I’m talking teens with single digit wind chills—but she did great and we had fun getting outside together.

The week started with a snow day and very minimal movement and activity.  It was a much needed lazy day off.  I have been feeling very blah since the Houston Marathon and I can’t seen to feel like I’m caught up on sleep, even though I’ve been averaging great sleep hours.  After Houston I stopped taking my iron and vitamin D supplements and I’m thinking that could have an influence, especially since I’d been taking 2 of each a day for the past 6-ish months.

Tuesday kicked off the week of LOVE in my spin classes.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love themed playlists?

I got in a good 4 solo miles outside on Wednesday and then braved the cold with G on Friday and Saturday.

Other highlights:

·      I submitted my taxes and made an impulse buy—a PINK TRX!  I’m so excited!

·      My Race Report: Houston Marathon became my most read blog post!  After almost 2 years of When Turkeys Attack holding the #1 spot, the turkeys are finally going down!
·      I updated my blog to include a discount page with all the sweet BibRave discount codes for running-related products and races.  Check it here:
·      OH, and how could I forget the excitement of the marathon U.S. Olympic Trials on Saturday!  I planned the morning just right keeping Georgie running & playing so that by 1pm when the coverage started on NBC, she was ready for a nap.  And no joke, she woke up exactly 3 hours later RIGHT as it was ending.  While both races were exciting, the highlight of the day to me was 40-year old Meb Keflezighi making his fourth U.S. Olympic Team.  Since meeting Meb back in 2007, I have always been on Team Meb so I couldn’t be more excited for him and his brother Hawi.  Although this means we won’t be seeing either of them in Falmouth this year… :(

Upcoming events:

·      15 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 2.8.16
Snow day!
80 squats
6,639 steps

Tuesday 2.9.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: When Love Takes Over Spin Playlist
10 push ups
7,975 steps

Wednesday 2.10.16
4 miles (30:50)
14,059 steps

Thursday 2.11.16
Taught spin class. They playlist: We Found Love Spin Playlist
Power Water
16,869 steps

Friday 2.12.16
2 miles with G (17:50)
11,580 steps

Saturday 2.13.16
1.96 miles with G (17:25)
11,387 steps

Sunday 2.14.16
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Taught spin class. The playlist: Lovestoned Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
80 squats
10 lunges
Core Exercises
11,135 steps

This week’s mileage: 8 miles
This week’s G mileage: 4 miles
February Totals: 14.5 miles
2016 Totals: 66.5 miles

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lovestoned Spin Playlist

It was -10, feels like -30 degrees this morning.  Great job to all my spinners that braved the cold & made it to class!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Calvin Harris    3:55  Warm up
Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti & Spearhead          3:57  Drills, pedal strokes
The Time (Dirty Bit) - The Black Eyed Peas                        5:08  Rolling hills
Let Me Love You - Ne-Yo                                                             3:37  Seated flat
Waiting For Tonight - Jennifer Lopez                                     4:06  Build #1
Crazy In Love - Beyonce                                                             3:56  15” jumps/15” recovery
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction                          3:20  Build #2
Candyman - Christina Aguilera                                                3:14  15” jumps/15” recovery
Lovestoned - Justin Timberlake                                              4:19  Build #3
Jai Ho!  - A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls                       3:42  10” jumps/20” recovery
Do You Love Me - The Contours                                               2:52  Build #4
What I Like About You - The Romantics                                2:55  20” jumps/10” recovery
Only Wanna Be With You - Hootie & The Blowfish            3:49  Cool down
Pusher Love Girl - Justin Timberlake                                     8:02  Stretch


Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Roundup 2.1-2.7

Happy Super Bowl Week!  I love running but I LIVE for football Sundays!  Super Bowl 50 proved that defenses win championships.  I have always been a bit of a Peyton Manning fan but I was really pulling for Carolina.  Cam Newton is just so fun to watch!

The highlight of the night: Lady G & Queen Bey.  SO GOOD! 

The low point: The Marshawn Lynch tweet.  Did Beast Mode really retire?!!!

Omg!  Big news last week that I forgot to mention!  My cousin Michele signed up for her 2nd half marathon, the Buffalo Half Marathon!  After running in Houston, Michele had 2 options:

1.     Hate running and never want to run ever again.
2.     Catch the running bug and become motivated to see how well she could do if she followed through on her training.

Running is contagious, my friends!  I keep saying that!  I also found out my cousin Melissa’s friend Ali signed up!  (Melissa registered before I did.)  Join us for 13.1 miles (or 26.2 miles!) through my favorite city on May 29th & use discount code BRSkiba05 for $5 off registration!

This past week I also made the big jump and turned Garmin!  I’ve been a loyal Nike+ GPS watch wearer but Nike no longer makes them :( and mine is slowly dying.  I was so indecisive about what to buy and I owe a BIG thank you to Dave at Marathon Sports Mashpee for helping me out.  I’m excited to use the next couple weeks to play around with my new Garmin Forerunner 230 and figure out all the settings before Buffalo Half training begins on March 7th!

My Friday icy run with Georgie was short & slow but the snowy views were breathtaking!

Upcoming events:

·      16 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 2.1.16
I don't think I've ever slept this good all week!
1.90 miles with G (17:44)
10,830 steps

Tuesday 2.2.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: We are the Champions Spin Playlist
10,175 steps

Wednesday 2.3.16
3 miles treadmill (24:00)
30 squats
13,418 steps

Thursday 2.3.16
Taught spin class. They playlist: Welcome to the Big Show Spin Playlist
40 squats
11,078 steps

Friday 2.4.16
50 squats
8,245 steps

Saturday 2.6.16
1.58 miles with G (17:55)
60 squats
Hip & Core Exercises
13,415 steps

Sunday 2.7.16
Super Bowl Sunday!
Taught spin class. The playlist: We Will Rock You Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
45’ walk with Lindsey
15,652 steps

This week’s mileage: 6.5 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3.5 miles
February Totals: 6.5 miles
2016 Totals: 58.5 miles

Sunday, February 7, 2016

We Will Rock You Spin Playlist

I just love Super Bowl Sunday!  Today’s playlist was designed to pump you up before the big game!

Get Ready 4 This - 2 Unlimited                      3:26  PREGAME Warm up 1
Welcome To The Big Show - ESPN                0:07  PREGAME Warm up 2
Applause - Lady Gaga                                        3:32  NATIONAL ANTHEM 20" jumps
I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas                   4:05  KICKOFF 80-100
GDFR - Flo Rida                                                   3:10  1ST Q Build
On To The Next One - JAY Z                              4:16  1ST Q Alt seated/standing climb
Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf                                 3:57  2ND Q Build
Hey Ya! - OutKast                                                 3:55  2ND Q Lightning round
Desire - U2                                                             3:01  HALFTIME 90-100
Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child                    4:02  HALFTIME 15" jumps
Shout! - Buffalo Bills                                           1:18  3RD Q 80-100
Rock And Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter                 2:59  3RD Q Build
We Will Rock You - Queen                                 2:01  4TH Q Standing climb
Roar - Katy Perry                                                 3:43  4TH Q Alt teated/standing climb
We Are The Champions - Queen                      3:03  GAME OVER Standing climb
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye - Steam  4:07  POSTGAME Cool down
Team - Lorde                                                          3:13  POSTGAME Stretch 1
Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Soundtrack               4:50  POSTGAME Stretch 2

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rehab 2016 Recap: Training Plans & Training Cycles

Last Saturday at work was our annual day of staff inservices and team building activities.

I last presented in 2014 about Spin Heart Rate & Training Zones so I was due for another presentation.  This past year I became a Certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) so I got to talk about one of my favorite topics: Running!  More specifically Training Plans & Training Cycles and special considerations for different types of clients.

There are a lot of things to consider when developing a training plan. Some examples:

·      Are you new to running? If no, is your running consistent on a weekly basis?
·      How many days per week are you currently running?
·      How many miles per week are you currently running?
·      Do you cross train? Strength train?
·      Have you ran any races in the past 2 years? Please list recent race results.
·      What are you running goals?
·      Are you currently signed up for any races? Do you have any goals specific to those races?
·      How many days per week do you plan to devote to running?
·      Are there any other time commitments or considerations I should know about?
·      How do you track your runs? GPS watch? Smartphone app?

The above questions are only a portion of my new client questionnaire.  You really have to get to know your client before you begin putting together a training plan.  Find out what they are already doing, what are their goals and how are you going to help get them there.

I always ask about time commitments.  This is important to know.  For example, you don’t want to make your client’s hardest week in training the week that they have to travel for work and are unsure of where and even if they will have a chance to run.  It’s also important to know how your client tracks their runs.  If they don’t have access to GPS but have a stopwatch, you can’t give them specific pacing workouts.  Instead you may have to be a little bit more creative about workouts focusing more on time rather than distance and pace.

When developing a training plan for a client that is currently running, it’s a good idea to develop a plan where Week 1 is similar to their current activity levels.  You want to be able to set them up for success.  If running 4x per week works for their schedule, don’t try to push them to 5 or 6 days per week.  If they have been running 3x per week but want to be running 5x per week, gradually get them there.  Adding too much mileage too soon will increase any runner’s chance of injury.

The first phase of any training plan should be Aerobic Base Building.  Your clients should be running almost entirely at Conversation Pace.  This may feel easy and they may be eager to push harder and run faster, but this is a critical part of training to build endurance.  Next start to add in strength with hill workouts, Fartlek runs and possibly even introducing tempo runs.  Then depending on the race distance and goals long intervals (800m-2000m) and short intervals (200m-600m) before taper and race day!

Training Cycles

What is a macrocycle?
A macrocycle is the entire training cycle leading up to and including a client’s goal race.  This could also be an entire racing season.  A macrocycle typically last 16-26 weeks with about 2-3 macrocycles per year.

What is a mesocycle?
A mesocycle is a specific training phase for a specific purpose.  They can be anywhere from 2-10 weeks in duration or about 4-5 mesocycles per macrocycle.

What is a microcycle?
A microcycle is a series of days that make up a brief clock of training.  The most common training plan uses 7 days as a microcycle that breaks down the plan week by week.

A really cool concept that I learned in my RRCA Certification Course is the IIP mesocycle.  I can’t find much information on the Internet about it but I have been using this in my own training and with a lot of my clients—and not just running clients.  According to the RRCA, IIP stands for Introduce, Improve, Perfect.  The basic idea is a 3-week cycle of the same or similar stress.  Week 1 you introduce the stress.  Week 2 you practice and improve.  Week 3 you perfect.  You progressively overload the system, adapt to the workout, and then move on to a new IPP cycle with a new stress.

I followed this theory in my own Houston Marathon training.

·      Weeks 5-7: 1-2mile Fartlek, 2 mile Fartlek, 2-3 mile Fartlek
·      Weeks 8-10: 4x800s, 5x800s, 6x800s
·      Week 11-13: 3x1 mile, 4x1 mile, 3x 1 mile

From a weekly mileage or long run perspective, build for 3 weeks then back off for an easier, recovery week.  Build for 3 weeks then back off and so on.

Case Study #1: The Couch to 5k Runner

·      Who?: Beginners brand new to running or former athletes getting back into running.
·      Training plans:
o   Focus on the run/walk method.  Gradually increase run intervals until they can run a 5k without walking.  Some beginners may take longer than others.
o   Teach them Conversation Pace.
o   Start to build on the long run.  Introduce strides, hills & Fartlekrunning.
·      Motivation: Beginners may rely on the coach for motivation while others may actually be too motivated.  You often have to teach new runners to hold back and trust the process.  Hello patience!
·      Discomfort vs. Injury: As a coach to a newbie runner, you must teach your athletes the difference between discomfort and injury.  Know the warning signs of injuries and encourage injured runners to back off and see a healthcare professional.

Case Study #2: The Experienced 5k Runner

·      Who?: Experience is not based on speed and ability but on mileage and years running.  This is someone that runs 15-40 miles per week and is looking for a coach for guidance to improve times and technique.
·      Training plans:
o   Add weekly mileage and build on the long run.
o   Strength workouts: hills, Fartlek, tempo.
o   Long intervals (800m-mile repeats) and short intervals.
o   Gradual progressions to avoid injury.
·      Road blocks:
o   An experienced runner may seek you out for help but still be unwilling to modify programs and try something new.  You have to gain their trust throughout the process.
o   Runners need to learn to reach their physical potential.  Racing hard will be uncomfortable.  Have them practice being comfortable feeling uncomfortable!
o   Experienced runners may come to you in a rut.  They may already be worn out or get worn out a few weeks into a new training plan.  It’s the coaches job to recognize this and modify plans to allow recover before building back up again with mileage and workouts.

Case Study #3: The Marathoner

·      Who?: Runners training for a marathon averaging 20-40+ miles per week.
·      Training plans:
o   Add weekly mileage and build on the long run.
o   Develop the ability to run fast during long runs.
o   Threshold pace work, tempo runs at marathon goal pace, long run intervals.
o   Learn and practice the art of negative splits!  SO IMPORTANT in marathon training!
o   Gradual progressions to avoid injury.
·      Patience: Patience is huge in marathon training.  Patience over the 16 or 20 week training program.  Patience throughout the long run.  In the first few weeks of Houston Marathon training, I was so eager to get to the 16+ mile long runs.  It was the “could I do it” and how I would feel once I got there as I progressed through training.  I wore a “Patience” MantraBand for the final 8 weeks and have kept it on ever since as a constant reminder.  “Everything worthwhile takes time to become.  Patience practice with others, and with yourself.  Because there is nothing that patience and time can’t resolve.”
·      Find balance: Marathon runners often have a hard time managing the ups and downs of training cycles.  They may struggle finding balance with real life and the coach may need to help them by making training plans more manageable.  It is also common for marathon runners to develop relationship troubles—all that time away from home, staying late after work to run, running early and for hours on a weekend morning, etc.
·      Road blocks:
o   An experienced runner may seek you out for help but still be unwilling to modify programs and try something new.  You have to gain their trust throughout the process.
o   Runners need to learn to reach their physical potential.  Racing hard will be uncomfortable.  Have them practice being comfortable feeling uncomfortable!
o   Experienced runners may come to you in a rut.  They may already be worn out or get worn out a few weeks into a new training plan.  It’s the coaches job to recognize this and modify plans to allow recover before building back up again with mileage and workouts.
o   Your client may face an injury during training.  This can make or break them not only physically but also mentally.  The coach plays a big role to keep spirits high, modify goals, modify training plans, and help steer them in the right direction for medical care and treatment.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to training plans.  Everyone is different so what works for one client may not work for another.  A good coach will develop a custom training plan that will help you find your true potential and guide you to faster running & PRs!

Jen Skiba is a Certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). Whether you are a beginner looking to get started running or at the intermediate level hoping to improve you times or tackle new distances, Jen can help you reach your goals! You can book sessions with Jen through CoachUp to get started today!