Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bon, Bon Spin Playlist

Freeway of Love - Aretha Franklin                              4:07  Warm up
Believe - Cher                                                                     3:59  Build
Conga - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine     4:16  Alt 30' fast, 30' standing flat
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga                                              4:54  Build
Crank It Up - David Guetta & Akon                              3:13  Rolling hills
Jai Ho! - A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls             3:42  Standing flat with sprints
Come Get It Bae - Pharrell Williams                            3:22  Seated flat
Bon, Bon - Pitbull                                                               3:36  Rolling hills
Sexy Chick - David Guetta & Akon                                3:16  Seated flat to standing flat & fast x2
One Dance - Drake                                                             2:54  Seated flat
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Mark Ronson    4:31  Seated climb
Mercy - Duffy                                                                      3:42  Standing climb
Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo                                  3:28  Cool down
Mexico - James Taylor                                                       2:57  Stretch

Saturday, August 27, 2016

BibRave Pro Product Review: OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandals

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a pair of OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Your feet earned this.

My latest test product as a BibRave Pro
Many people say that running is such a simple sport—all you need is a pair of good sneakers—but most runners know this isn’t the case.  Running is so much more complex with all the gear, technology, training plans, strength training, stretching, foam rolling, nutrition, recovery techniques and so on…  It’s all the little things that make us stronger, faster and stay injury free that can’t be ignored.

So after you take off you $100+ sneakers that you purchased at a specialty running store fitted and selected especially for you, why put on a cheap pair of flimsy flip flops with absolutely no support?

Enter OOFOS.

OOFOS is a recovery footwear company.  They make sandals and clogs with its unique OOfoam, designed to absorb 37% more shock than other materials.

·      Reduces stress on sore feet, knees and lower back.
·      Cradles your arches.
·      Biomechanically designed footbed allows natural motion.
·      Soft, conforming toe post eliminates toe chafing.
·      Shower/beach-ready; moisture resistant; doesn’t retain smell.
·      Durable OOfoam holds its cushion.
·      Machine washable.
·      So light they float.

More on the OOfoam technology:
When do I wear my OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandals?

Before I got injured I was wearing my OOFOS everywhere!  Around the house, after a run, walking the dog, running errands, to the nail salon—literally, everywhere!

Unfortunately for me sandals are not ideal for an Achilles strain but I have continued to wear them on a limited basic lounging around as I “rest.”  Just don’t tell my PT coworkers…

Other bonuses:

·      Unbelievably comfortable.  When I first put them on I kind of questioned why I walked around in my favorite 2 for $5 flip flops for all these years.
·      The arch support is so nice!  I have a high arch so I don’t always feel like I’m getting much support in my arches.
·      The soles are thick and cushiony yet super lightweight and non-bulky.
·      Do you get blisters the first time putting on flip flops in the spring like I do?  Well not with these guys!  Score!
·      So apparently these are machine washable?!  I haven’t tried yet but they are really easy to clean off with a hose—I’ve had to do it multiple times after playing around with Georgie in my backyard desert oasis.


·      The “Sport” version is in fact sporty!  Duh.  Although not terrible, I kind of like the bright, solid colored OOriginals over the 3 color choices available in the OOriginal Sport (White Cloud, Graphite and Marsala).  Just personal preference.
·      Now that I’ve been wearing these all around, I almost would prefer the slide version of OOFOS.  After a run, I often like to keep my compression socks on for a while and you can’t do that with the sandals.  No big deal.  I’ll just have to buy a pair!
·      Sizing is based off whole sizes.  If you are usually a half size they suggest going up a size for women but down a size for men.  I am usually a 7 or a 7.5 and I ended up ordering a 7.  It seems like the right choice for me but based on where the arch is located on the shoe, it almost feels like I need my toes to be a little longer!

Have you had a chance to #FEELTHEOO yet?

Join us on Twitter for the OOFOS sponsored #BibChat on August 30th at 9pm EST!

Happy running!

P.S. Georgie gives OOFOS “2 paws up!”

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weekly Roundup 8.8-8.14 & 8.15-8.21

So I don’t have much to report the last two weeks in terms of running or any type of physical activity.  As I sit on injured reserve, I’ve been spending a lot of time resting, icing, taking ibuprofen and watching the Olympics.  Speaking of the Olympics—OH EM GEE!  Those American distance runners!  And Usain Bolt!  Aaaaaa-mazing.

Back to a not so fun topic: my injury!  Just this week the pain has gotten to the level that I can actually perform a heel raise so I’m starting to work on some strengthening.  (Eccentrics per @capecodrehab!)  I’m still taping and it feels much better with the added support.  I’ve also been staying away from walking around barefoot and in flip flops—which is a total bummer because I’m supposed to be testing out Oofos Oorignial Sport Sandals as a BibRave Pro.

I also had to miss this year’s Falmouth Road Race and had major FOMO!  The weather was SO MUCH BETTER then last year and I had a ton of friends running as usual.  I still picked up my number on Thursday night with a tiny bit of hope that my Achilles would be back to normal but an attempt to run a half mile on Saturday morning didn’t go so well.  I was running slow and it was not my normal stride.  I totally felt it.  That half mile confirmed that I was still injured.

On another note, karma has caught up with me and I’m wondering what I did to deserve it.  Remember how I won my free entry at the Falmouth Jingle Jog?

But anyways, Saturday night was the Falmouth Mile.  It was always my favorite event of road race weekend and now it’s like a big reunion with my road race family.  I had to laugh when I saw Abdi for the first time over the weekend and he was like, “Wait, you’re not working AND you’re not running?  You’re not even going to go watch?  What ARE you doing this year?”

“Absolutely nothing, Abdi.  Absolutely nothing.”

I actually thought about heading down to the start to hang out with my friends and walk the course but then I remembered I already walked 7 miles in a race this year and I definitely didn’t want to do that again!  

Instead I hung out with Georgie on the couch Sunday morning and watched the men’s Olympic marathon while constantly scrolling through the Twitter feeds to get live updates from both Rio and Falmouth.

I had plans on Sunday night to catch up with some of the old road race staff.  We decided to crash the post-race VIP party (Thanks for the official invite Donna!) before heading with the crew to Anejo.  It’s always a blast to see everyone… and drink wine!

Other highlights:

·      I signed up for the Cape Cod Half!

Upcoming events:

·      10 weeks until the Cape Cod Half!
·      23 weeks until the Miami Marathon!

Monday 8.8.16
9,140 steps

Tuesday 8.9.16
8,379 steps

Wednesday 8.10.16
5,966 steps

Thursday 8.11.16
0.87 mile WALK with G (18:14)
Power Water
12,417 steps

Friday 8.12.16
5,922 steps

Saturday 8.13.16
Taught spin class, 30’ on the bike. The playlist: All I Do Is Win Spin Playlist
0.87 mile WALK with G (18:21)
9,458 steps

Sunday 8.14.16
4,718 steps

Monday 8.15.16
7,792 steps

Tuesday 8.16.16
Taught spin class, 40’ min on the bike
9,817 steps

Wednesday 8.17.16
8,702 steps

Thursday 8.18.16
Power Water
10,406 steps

Friday 8.19.16
9,928 steps

Saturday 8.20.16
0.5 miles (4:45)
8,120 steps

Sunday 8.21.16
4,865 steps

Last week’s mileage: 0 miles
This week’s mileage: 0.5 miles
Last week’s G mileage: 0 miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
August Totals: 6.5 miles
2016 Totals: 532.5 miles

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Injuries & What We Can Learn From The Elites

One thing we can all agree on is that injuries suck.  In a sport like running they are bound to happen even when we do all the little things right.

When an Elite gets injured…

They immediately seek medical attention.  The faster they find out what wrong and begin a treatment plan, the faster they return to the roads or the track.

When an amateur or “Average Joe” runner gets injured…

Stage 1: Denial

“Let’s just push through and finish this run.”

Stage 2: Crazy

“I can’t even walk but maybe I will try to run…”

Stage 3: Realization

“Something’s not right. I guess should take a day off.”

Stage 4: Google

Next you turn to you’re good friend, Google. 

Stage 5: Self-Pity

“Oh em gee I can’t run! Where's the ice cream?”

Stage 6: Defeat

You give in and seek a medical professional.

Stage 7: Motivation

When you realize it’s not the end of the world and all you need is a little kick in the butt to get on that foam roll and work on those PT exercises… Let’s go!

So why are these scenarios so different?

For an Elite, running is their job.  Sure, some have part or even full time jobs and sponsors to support their career but racing is a big part of how they make their money.  Elites are very in tuned to their bodies and know when something just isn’t right.  They also know if they get injured and/or start to under-perform, contracts may be at stake and the less opportunities to get invited to races.

For the non-Elite, running may not be their source of income but it’s a big part of who they are.  One thing I’ve learned through coaching is that runners are pretty hard core!  Most runners have Type A personalities and always want to run MORE miles and run FASTER every workout.  When they are injured, they tend to ignore it and push through, looking for every little tip or suggestion that might help them out when they really should be calling their doctor.

So if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!  There is a big difference between pain and a discomfort.  When adding on mileage and speed work, you are bound to feel a little soreness and discomfort due to the demands placed on your body.  (What’s up, DOMS?)  On the other hand, you should always see a doctor if your pain lingers more than a day or two and if it’s affecting other activities of daily living.   

Does your pain wake you up at night?  Are you limping or compensating by changing your stride?  Is there swelling or other red flags like numbness or tingling sensations?

Recovering from an injury takes time and patience is a hard trait to master.  All the time spent looking for quick solutions, an injured runner could have been resting and receiving treatment.  Instead they are just prolonging the healing process.

So why do we, the non-Elites, feel it’s ok to self-diagnose our injuries and continue to push to run even when we are hurt?

You tell me!

Friday, August 12, 2016

BibRave Pro Product Review: XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a pair or XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Have you ever tried XX2i sunglasses?

The Australia1 my third pair of sunglasses by XX2i to review as a BibRave Pro!  The first pair was the USA1 and they were my go to pair of running sunglasses until the Australia1 came around.  While there are different qualities I like about the USA1 and Australia1, I am pumped to have two pairs of sunglasses in rotation that fit great and I love for running.

If you were wondering… The other pair of sunglasses I own are the Bermuda1, which is part of XX2i’s casual line.  You’ve probably seen them on me.  I literally wear them for all non-running outdoor activities.

A Cool Company with Great Products

I love XX2i’s description on their website of why they exist:

“We support people that make a difference every day. People who are committed to a healthy, athletic lifestyle and being good citizens. People who appreciate quality, innovation and no BS marketing. We are committed to producing the best possible eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts and stand behind each product we product with integrity and pride to insure your completely satisfied no matter what.”

What’s so special about the Australia1?
·      Interchangeable temple arms and strap system for intense activities.
·      Removable padded insert for extra protection against the elements.
·      Lightweight and durable frames with a unique wraparound style for enhanced peripheral vision.
·      Polarized lenses with 8K optical technology.

So when do I wear my Australia1 sunglasses?

Running!  Duh.

Other bonuses:
·      Polarized lenses that are so clear and colors are so vivid.
·      My USA1 sunglasses are white and my Bermuda1 sunglasses are tortoise so I was excited to receive my Australia1 sunglasses in matte black with polarized grey lenses!  YEAH!  Black sunglasses are definitely more my style.  Black not your thing?  They also make the Australia1 in matte tortoise and matte white/black with both grey and brown lense options.
·      They sit comfortably on my nose and I like that there is no adjustable nosepiece like the USA1.  I haven’t had any trouble with bouncing or sliding around while outside running around in them.
·      The Australia1 also has a little bigger frame then the USA1. I love big frames and I cannot lie…
·      It’s super easy to remove the temple arms and add the accessories.
·      All XX2i sunglasses come in a hard, protective case.  They also come with a soft case that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

·      On numerous hot and humid runs, the lenses have fogged up.  The Australia1 does not have a “venting system” like the USA1.
·      I personally have no need for the straps and extra padding.  I’m sure they would be great if I was out on a mountain bike or participated in any extreme sports!
·      The frames don’t seem as sturdy as the USA1 which I think could be because you can take off the temple arms - BUT XX2i has a lifetime frame and lense warranty if anything happens to them!

Check out the XX2i website.  They offer lots of frame colors and options for lenses.  Worried that they won’t fit you?  XX2i gives you 265 days to return their product.

Join us on Twitter for the XX2i sponsored #BibChat on August 16th at 9pm EST!

And don’t forget to use code XX2iRocks for 50% off your order!

Happy running!

P.S. Georgie (still) gives XX2i “2 paws up!”