Wednesday, August 23, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 5 of 16

5 weeks down, 11 to go!

I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by. Monday was a normal rest day. On Tuesday I taught Low Impact Aerobics in the morning then ran 4 miles after work.

Wednesday was a busy day at work which included a middle of the day trip to the doctor’s office for my annual physical. I was in and out of my appointment in 14 minutes flat. My doctor called me a dream patient because I’m apparently I’m pretty low maintenance compared to his other patients. He’s actually a dream doctor as he apologized for being 2 minutes late for our appointment once. Anyways, my bloodwork was good and he’s sending me for another bone density scan since it’s been more than 5 years since my last one. I went back to work for the final kids “Summer Athlete Training” of the summer before running 4 miles. I didn’t stop once! I felt great! Wednesday was also NYC Marathon selection day and I had to log on to the NYRR website and choose my transportation to Staten Island (a 5:30am bus from Midtown Manhattan eek!), bag check preferences and number pickup day/time.

Thursday was class day so I didn’t run. Craig ended up working a lot later than expected and I went to bed super early because Friday morning I had to go in and open the Athletic Club at 5:45am. If you didn’t know, I’m not a morning person. The good thing is I only worked until about 1pm. Later that day I ran just under 4 miles with Reggie. We stopped at Naukabout for a water break and to see Craig. It was a little too humid for her but we slowed down and walked a few times, especially on the way home from the brewery. I would like to start taking Reggie with me more once the weather starts cooling down. Her pace on this run showed she’s not quite ready.

Saturday is my other big class day and then I had to work the closing shift on the desk from 12-6pm which left my long run for Sunday again. I had 12 miles on the schedule. It was Falmouth Road Race weekend so I avoided Falmouth and stuck to my other long run roads in Cotuit. I got out the door a little after 8am. It was 70 degrees and sunny with the humidity at 60 percent. Perfect. At the end it was 75 degrees and sunny but the humid had dropped to 55 percent. Even better!

The run itself went well. I was waiting to cross the road just past Lowell Park in Cotuit when I stopped my watch and then next thing I knew I heard it buzz. I looked down and saw “run discarded” on the screen. I was so annoyed. I got this watch about a year ago and I love the look but I hate the touch screen features. My shirt or something will touch it when on pause and my run has either ended or been deleted. So for the next couple of miles I was trying to figure out if I’d run 2 miles or 2.5 miles or more. At first I was thinking 2 but then I decided it had to been about 2.5 miles. That meant 9.5 miles to go on my newly started run.

I looped around by the water and eventually made it to the end of Main Street Cotuit. I stopped at the beach - found 2 pieces of sea glass - and then Craig appeared. He was out on his motorcycle and planned it out perfectly this week. After our little beach walk, I had about 5 miles to go. I told him I was good then we split up. I was 2 miles from home when I started to hit my wall this week. It was also when I passed 4 college aged girls that started cheering for me as I passed. “Looking good!” “Keep going!” “You got this!” Thanks girls! Needed that.

I crossed 28 back into Mashpee and lost my steam going up the dreaded hill which leads me home. The last mile and a half was a struggle. As I was recovering and hydrating at home I mapped out the first part of the run to where I stopped my watch and found out it was more like 2.85 miles - which was 0.35 more than I thought. Woo woo!

Later that day Craig and I grabbed sandwiches and stopped by Scorton Creek for lunch then ended up on Sandy Neck Beach with friends and a few doodles for some sun, sunset and a fire. I was exhausted and fell asleep a few times in my beach chair. Marathon training is a lot harder than I remember but overall a great day.


Monday 8.14.23


Tuesday 8.15.23

4 miles (31:10)

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 8.16.23

4 miles (30:36)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 8.17.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Friday 8.18.23

3.75 miles with Reggie (31:10)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 8.19.23

Water Aerobics (from the deck)

Saturday Strength

Sunday 8.29.23

12 miles (1:25:00)

This week’s mileage: 24 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 4 miles

Training totals: 115 miles


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