Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekly Roundup 12.14-12.20

Week 12 of 16

First of all, please take a minute and click on the link below then like the photo from the Houston Marathon Facebook page to vote for me!  I am in a contest to win a #HouMarathon prize pack!

Back to Week 12...
This week I took a step back before the hardest week in my training (which happens to be Christmas week!!) and after a tough long run last week.  I can’t believe I have one more week of hard work then my 3-week taper begins!  Some people hate it—but I totally love taper time!

I had to rearrange my running schedule a little bit because I was invited over a client's house for wine and Christmas on Wednesday afternoon.  So much fun!  But this meant Monday easy run and Tuesday night mile repeat night!  This was tough.  I wasn’t quite recovered by Monday from my 20-miler attempt so I had to run my intervals on Tuesday night.  Tuesdays are my long days at work and the motivation to run on Tuesday nights is very low but I got it done.  I got home Wednesday night and took G out for a night mile run/walk to continue with the Christmas theme and look at all the neighbors pretty Christmas lights.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that my 7:30am group training group is the BEST?

Georgie and I got out again on Thursday morning but it was misty and raw out so I skipped my run which meant treadmill again on Thursday night.  It really was a rough week in terms of motivation.  I am getting SO CLOSE but I am also starting to feel the effects of training.  I was SO TIRED all week.  Literally thought I could close my eyes in the back office at work and sleep the whole day away.  Thanks goodness for clients.

I rounded out the week with a Friday morning 5-miler and 14 miles on Saturday.  Even thought it was probably the coldest run of the fall/winter so far, I felt much better on my long run this week.  I had the company of Wendy on Saturday morning as she joined me for 7 miles.  I parked at work and ran the 2 miles to her house, 7 with her and finished up with 5 on my own.  It’s been awhile since I got to run with Wendy so it was nice—she’s super speedy and athletic and a 50 YEAR OLD GRANDMA.  My group training group calls her Wonder Women—so inspiring!

Other highlights:

·      I was selected to be a nuunbassador for 2016!  What does this mean?  Discounts & goodies in exchange for sharing the #nuunlove!  Did you know that I put nuun in my water bottle during spin class?  My favorite flavor?  Watermelon.
·      I received my first product in the mail as a BibRave Pro!  Georgie was first to try on my new xx2i USA 1 sunglasses but I was able to wear them on Saturday for my long run!  They were great.  Didn’t fog up, didn’t bounce around but also not too tight on my head.  I barely noticed I was wearing them.  I love that you can change the adjustable nosepiece & “temple tips” and I’m looking forward to changing them to red next week for Christmas week!  Full review coming soon…
·      ICYMI: Run Jen Run’s Guide to Choosing a Good Pair of Sunglasses

Upcoming events:

·      4 weeks until the Houston Marathon!

Monday 12.14.15
4 miles treadmill (32:00)
17,155 steps

Tuesday 12.15.15
6.5 miles treadmill with 4x1 mile (49:35) <-- 7:13, 7:08, 7:03, 6:58
Taught spin class
20,665 steps

Wednesday 12.16.15
1.15 miles with G (10:28)
11,063 steps

Thursday 12.17.15
0.83 miles with G (6:58)
2.5 miles treadmill (20:00)
Power Water
16,331 steps

Friday 12.18.15
5 miles (38:58)
19,503 steps

Saturday 12.19.15
14 miles – 1/2 with Wendy! (1:51:30)
34,560 steps

Sunday 12.20.15
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O
9,075 steps

G mileage disclaimer: None of the mileage reported with Georgie is straight, consistent running. We may run 1 mile in 9 or 10 minutes but in reality we probably covered a 2-3 mile distance with a mix of walking and running.  I stop my watch every time we start walking.


This week’s mileage: 34 miles
This week’s G mileage: 2 miles
December Totals: 99 miles
2015 Totals: 774 miles

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