Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekly Roundup 12.21-12.27

Week 13 of 16

Guess what!  It’s taper time!!  All the hard work is done.  Week 13 was my biggest week in terms of mileage and long run distance.  Now it’s time to trust my training, rest up & recover.

Christmas Eve recovery mode with @GeorgieGSD
Recover was the word of the week!  I finally received my 2XU Hyoptik thermal tights in the mail thanks to the BibRave Pro ambassador program and I literally wore them for four days straight after Thursday’s long run!  I love compression!  At Christmas dinner, Grandma Eileen called me a superhero in those pants and Johnny told me I looked like a member of KISS.  If you haven’t seen my new tights yet, they are reflective with the big X from 2XU all over them.  Either way—superhero or KISS, I love it!

The week of running started out with my third set of mile repeats.  This time it was back to the treadmill but only had to run 3 of them.  I ran faster than my 4x1 mile repeats the week before so I was pretty happy about that.  Tuesday was an easy 4 miles on the treadmill but after an awesome, super high-energy spin class!  We rode to all Christmas tunes & everyone brought their antlers!

I took Wednesday off to prepare for Thursday morning’s 2nd attempt at 20 miles. 
[ICYMI – You can read about attempt #1 here:]

Thursday morning was Christmas Eve and the schedule at Mashpee Fitness worked out so I had the day off.  In theory, Thursday was the perfect day to run my long run.  I could celebrate Christmas Eve that night, enjoy a Christmas morning mimosa and eat whatever I wanted for Christmas dinner.  The weather leading up to the holiday weekend was iffy but when I woke up Christmas Eve morning, I knew I had to get it over with.  The temperature was warm.  55 degrees with 100% humidity at the start, 62 degrees with 95% humidity at the finish.  The wind was wicked!  My weather app said 25 mph winds but the gusts by the water brought us to a standstill.  (My dad biked with me!)  The wind actually caused us to re-route a little bit to avoid the water in the later stages of my run.

Overall I had a good run, I guess.  The wind caused me to run with a lot more effort than I wanted so that could work to my advantage in Houston on a calm day.  I stopped for water every mile and a half to two miles because of the humidity.  Around mile 17 I began to struggle.  My hips were sore and my glutes were starting to cramp.  Mile 19 I wanted to stop.  I had my first experience with “booty lock” but at 19.75 I picked up the pace and finished strong.  My average pace was 8:10 but my last 3 miles were 8:37, 8:47, 8:37.  I can’t be too disappointed because I RAN 20 MILES!  

I know after 3 weeks of taper and the excitement of racing with all the support around me, I will be just fine.  I just worry.

Speaking of worry.  I am dealing with an injury and totally in denial.  I thought that I was just sore from my 20 miles but once the DOMS wore off, I was left with a pain in the butt.  Literally.  I had a great (but painful) run on Saturday morning with Lizzie who unofficially diagnosed me with a hamstring origin issue.  I felt this same pain after my first 20-mile attempt and it came and went in the 2 weeks since.  If it is in fact my hamstring, rest is what I need.  I skipped my last run of the week—well I ran 2 miles with G instead of 4 miles alone, shh don’t tell Lizzie (she’s a PT)—2 miles short of my 40-mile week goal.  I’m currently sitting on an ice pack as I type this…

Focus for the next 3 weeks:

·      Taper! – with only 3 weeks to go, I am rewarding myself with an extra rest day (maybe more due to this pain in my butt) and trying to get to bed a little bit earlier every night.
·      Hydration – My goal is to drink a minimum 64 oz. per day.
·      Vitamins – I haven’t been good about vitamins.  In the spring my blood tests came back with really low iron and low vitamin D so it’s important I take my vitamins twice a day!
·      Staying healthy – I will be sanitizing and washing my hands like crazy!
·      Foam roll err day
·      Hips, glutes, and hamstring stretching & strengthening exercises

Other highlights:

·      I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon!  Come run with me!  Register before the price increase on 1/2 & use code BRSkiba05 for $5 off!

Upcoming events:

·      3 weeks until the Houston Marathon!

Monday 12.21.15
5 miles treadmill with 3x1 mile (37:48) <--7:03, 6:58, 6:44
20,630 steps

Tuesday 12.22.15
4 miles treadmill (32:00)
Taught spin class. The playlist: A Holly Jolly Christmas Spin Playlist
17,166 steps

Wednesday 12.23.15
9,758 steps

Thursday 12.24.15
Merry Christmas Eve!
20 miles (2:43:40)
46,531 steps

Friday 12.25.15
Merry Christmas!
8,328 steps

Saturday 12.26.15
6 miles with Lizzie (52:11)
1 mile with G (9:10)
20 bridges
10 clamshell
10 reverse clamshell
10 S/L hip abduction
19,056 steps

Sunday 12.27.15
1.98 miles with G (17:39)
20 bridges
10 clamshell
10 reverse clamshell
10 S/L hip abduction
10 Burdenko rotate + kick
8,548 steps

G mileage disclaimer: None of the mileage reported with Georgie is straight, consistent running. We may run 1 mile in 9 or 10 minutes but in reality we probably covered a 2-3 mile distance with a mix of walking and running.  I stop my watch every time we start walking.


This week’s mileage: 38 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3 miles
December Totals: 137 miles
2015 Totals: 812 miles

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