Saturday, November 5, 2016

BibRave Pro Product Review: Legend Compression Performance Socks

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a pair of Legend Compression Performance Socks to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

“Demand that your sports compression socks be LEGENDARY”

Have you ever heard of the compression company Legend?  Me neither until the BibRave Pro ambassador program introduced them to me last month!  

I’ve always been a big wearer of compression gear, especially socks and sleeves so I was totally on board to test out the Performance Compression Socks.

Legend Compression is a relatively new company with a 30+ year medical background.  They launched in August of 2015 with the mission “to help individuals extend the life of their legs through graduated compression technology.”

Some of the Performance Compression Sock features:

·      Granulated Compression for Improved Athletic Performance
·      Enhanced Endurance
·      Greater Power Output
·      Decreased Recovery Time
·      Achilles & Arch Support
·      Calf Muscle Containment
·      Cushioned Sole, Toe & Heel
·      Comfortable & Breathable
·      Seamless Toe Construction
·      Prevent Blisters
·      For Men & Women


What makes Legend Compression unique is their theory behind their motto, “Compression done right not tight!”  The performance sock use 15-20 mmHG level of compression whereas the recovery sock features 20-30 mmHG.  In their words…

“Based on our experience in medical compression and understanding of that athletes need, we believe that this moderate or therapeutic level of compression is more effective during exercise. We use the hashtag #rightnottight to combat the common misunderstanding that you need to feel the squeeze in order for compression to be working. Our product is easier to get on and easier to get off, but provides just the right amount of support to help you perform and train at your best.”

The website says that their socks run true to size and there is a size chart based on your shoe size and your calf circumference.  My problem came when choosing sizes.  The socks come S-XL and the small is meant for a women’s shoe size 5.5-7.5—which is my range but for calf circumferences 13-15”—and I measure less than 13 inches.  While the whole “Right Not Tight” concept intrigues me, I’m not totally convinced I’m receiving the “RIGHT” amount of compression.

The material is super stretchy and slide on and off with ease.  I love the wiggle room in the toes and the added “arch clencher” in the arch of the foot to help stabilize the sock.

When do I wear compression socks?

From workouts to recovery days to even a half marathon race, I have been rocking my Legend Compression Performance Socks as much as I can on my runs and we’ve been seeing the perfect weather on Cape Cod to do so this fall.  They are great for those in between days when you want to wear shorts but you’re just not sure you will be warm enough.

Timing for this product was perfect as I am currently in Week 4 of Miami Marathon training.  As I increase mileage and intensity, I need to feel confident in my gear and I look for anything to speed up recovery while keeping my legs happy!  In fact, during the Cape Cod Half my inner thigh was cramping but my calves did not—as a forefoot runner, they are usually first to go.

Other bonuses:

·      They are moisture wicking and provide UV protection.
·      Legend Compression Performance Socks are manufactured in North Carolina and all products are made in the USA.
·      The socks come in 7 fun colors!  Not a huge fan of socks?  They also make Compression Leg Sleeves.


·      I am SO BAD with products that require special attention in the laundry department.  Like most compression socks, these are recommended to be hand washed or gentle cycle with mild detergent.  As for the dryer?  Tumble dry with no heat and no fabric softener or lay flat to dry.  Every time mine made it into the dryer.  No issues but I’m pretty sure this means they aren’t guaranteed to last as long.
·      I wish I had more pairs.  I wore them for the Cape Cod Half on Saturday morning but I was too lazy to wash them to wear them to work on Sunday for my recovery day.  I also could have used them that Friday when I stood around at the expo for 4 hours the night before the race.
·      During the Cape Cod Half, I experienced a little bunching up of the sock on my right foot.  The socks weren’t falling down at all just felt like I had some extra material gathering around my arch.  Weird feeling to try to describe but I haven’t noticed it on any run since.
·      I’d love to see an XS!
·      The Performance Compression Socks price at $49.99 which is mid-level to high end in the compression sock world but use code bibsave15 for 15% off your order!

Join us on Twitter for the Legend sponsored #BibChat on November 8th at 9pm EST!

And don’t forget to use code bibsave15 for 15% off your order!

Happy running!


  1. I like the "right not tight" idea as well. For my legs the fit well but still gave a good amount of compression (which I do like). I was worried they would back off too much on the tightness for my liking, but it wasn't the case.

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