Friday, April 7, 2017

Run Jen Run’s Friday Five 4.7.17

What’s up everyone?

I’m back for the third installment of #FridayFive where I will be sharing 5 things I’m currently loving…
Cycling Shoes
After four years of teaching spin and convincing my students to buy them, I finally got my own pair of clip in cycling shoes!  It took a little while to get the hang of clipping in and out but I am loving the feel and the difference they made for my ride.  Think: stronger, faster, more power!

Side Steps with Resistance Bands
Many problems in running come from the hips so it’s important to include some good hip, glute and core work to keep your hips stable and strong.  There are many exercises you can do with resistance bands but the side steps are a killer.  Perform it two ways: standing up tall and in a squat position.

This should be no surprise.  The NormaTec became my favorite recovery technique throughout Miami Marathon training.  Its unique dynamic compression starts in the feet and works its way up massaging your entire leg leaving you feeling fresh after just 20 minutes.

I received the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set to test and review for BibRave.  The set comes with a Fitness Locker and a Shoe Locker “to contain all your post-workout sweaty gear and keep it separate from all your clean stuff.”  This is one of those things that I never knew I was missing until I owned it.  I always bring so much stuff back and forth to work since I am teaching classes, showering after class, running after work, swimming etc. and this keeps everything organized.  With the BibRave discount, I am hoping to buy more so I can color code by activity…
Stay tuned for the full review coming soon!

Do you listen to podcasts?  I don’t.  Well I didn’t until BibRave started one.  It’s been cool to hear the voices behind BibRave and get to know Julia, Tim and sometimes Jessica.  I’ll admit – at first I wasn’t sure what all the hype was but as of late it’s become my normal Friday afternoon listening while I get my housework done.  What podcasts do you listen to?  They sure make chores a little more enjoyable… if only Tim and Julia could hear me when I talk back to them…

That’s all for today.  Check back on the first Friday of every month for 5 more of my favorite things!

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