Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly Roundup 1.1-1.7

Week 2 of 16

“I’m on the right track baby, I was born to be brave.”

Happy New Year!  I joined my Run Club friends for the 4th annual New Years Day bRUNch.  I worked the last two years and had to miss out but this year I was so there—even though the wind chills were in the negatives!  We had a big group this year and ran 4 miles in Falmouth before finishing up at Anejo for giant breakfast burritos and mimosas.

It was still so cold on Tuesday but I told myself I needed to man up and get to Run Club.  When I say cold, I mean it was cold.  All week.  I’m talking single digits.  A friend texted me saying the cold must be getting to my head.  I think he was right…

Wednesday was probably the warmest day of the week so I took advantage and ran outside.  It actually felt nice—I ran fast after 2 days running slower with friends but I think I was just happy to be outside and not frozen.  Plus I got to chase another sunset.

Cape Cod was hit with a storm on Thursday and we were all sent home early for work.  After an afternoon of hibernation, I got up on Friday and headed to the gym for a treadmill long run.  12 miles.  It was… fun.  Ha.  It really would have been stupid to run outside on Friday and Saturday wasn’t looking any better.  As awful as it sounds, it went by pretty fast.  I had company for some of the miles and a lot of the staff came by to check in and cheer me on.  I also rocked a 1995 throwback Bills sweatshirt for motivation.

I finished off the week with another treadmill run on Saturday and an awesome spin class on Sunday morning.

Upcoming events:

·      14 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 1.1.18
Happy New Year!
4.07 miles with friends (39:41)
12,629 steps

Tuesday 1.2.18
Marathon Sports Run Club! 3.42 miles (29:41)
Taught spin class
17,109 steps

Wednesday 1.3.18
3.5 miles (24:08)
Greg’s Workout #4
10,832 steps

Thursday 1.4.18
6,507 steps

Friday 1.5.18
12 treadmill miles (1:33:02)
21,681 steps

Saturday 1.6.18
3 treadmill miles (22:44)
Greg’s Workout #5
9,771 steps

Sunday 1.7.18
Taught spin class. The playlist: Party Like It’s 1999 Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
11,796 steps


This week’s mileage: 26 miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
January Totals: 26 miles

2018 Totals: 26 miles

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