Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Spin Playlist

What a fun spin class this morning!  Great energy!

We Are Family           Sister Sledge                          3:37   Warm up
It’s Raining Men        The Weather Girls                3:34   Drills, pedal strokes
Macho Man                The Village People                3:28   1st build, increase every 30”
Applause                     Lady Gaga                              3:32    Faster with 30” jumps
Spiderwebs                 No Doubt                               4:28    2nd build, faster during chorus
We R Who We R        Ke$ha                                     3:27    Mix of seated/standing climb
SexyBack                     Justin Timberlake               4:03    20” jumps/10” jumps
Supermassive Black Hole     Muse                          3:32    Recovery and start next climb
Enter Sandman         Metallica                                 5:32    60-80rpm, seated/standing
Monster Mash           Bobby “Boris” Pickett          3:19    Standing Climb
Some Nights               Fun.                                         4:37     Rolling hills to the finish
Love Somebody         Maroon 5                                3:49    Cool down
Millenium                   Robbie Williams                   4:06    Stretch

Happy Halloween!

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