Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Party Survival Guide

‘Tis the season to overindulge!   I personally made a special trip to my parent’s house this week to pick up some of my mom’s famous Christmas cookies.  And then in a 2 hour time period, I ate 7 cookies.  No control.

Did you know the average American gains 4 to 12 pounds over the holidays?  One holiday meal alone can add up to 3,000 calories and this does not include other meals and snacks that same day.  A cup of eggnog contains 343 calories.  Add rum and you’re adding another 100 calories to this holiday favorite.

Do you have an office holiday party coming up?  Planning a gathering with family and friends?  It’s important to let yourself splurge every once in awhile but here are some tips to help control yourself and not go overboard.

  • Make sure you get in a workout that day.  Hit the gym, go for a walk, sign up for a Jingle Jog or anything to get you moving and burn some extra calories.

  • Eat normally throughout the day leading up to the event.  Don’t skip meals.  If you go hungry, chances are you will end up eating more!

  • When you get to the party, preview the buffet and prioritize.  Decide what you want before you fill up your plate.  What is worth indulging in?

  • The obvious: Don’t linger by the food table!  That’s my go-to spot to hang so it’s my friends’ duty to pull me away to socialize.  The closer you are, the easier to grab.  And when you’re chatting you may not even know you’re munching.

  • If you are going to have an alcoholic drink, grab a light beer or a glass of wine.  A bottle of light beer has around 100 calories and a 5oz glass of wine has about 120 calories.

  • Stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water leading up to the party and keep drinking water while you are there.  This will make you feel full faster.

  • Got a long run coming up the next morning?  Don’t eat anything unusual at the party.  Stay away from heavy and creamy foods, seafood, and too many sugary desserts.  Remember that alcoholic drinks will dehydrate you and affect your performance in the morning.  If you must drink, keep sipping on water between drinks!

  • Avoid bringing home leftovers and get right back on track the next day!  It’s very easy to let one bad night of eating turn into several.

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