Friday, February 13, 2015

"Just like the Ritz!"

I received some very sad news today.  Mashpee lost a good one and I can't imagine that shock and what his family is going through.  In memory, I bring you the best of the best Jimbo quotes.  (Yes we used to keep a quote book at work!)  I will always remember your humor and the joy you brought to that ugly, old FitPlan in the basement.  And who could forget the day he told me I should put myself on eBay to find a date?  Everyone watch MSNBC tonight in Jim’s honor.

“Do you know how much time and exercise it takes to lose weight? It’s impossible!”

[When I was working out in a tank top...]
“We need to get you a sweater.  This is a no guns facility. You can’t bear arms here.”

“I gotta go chase my wife around the house.  She’s on crutches.  She never wins.”

[On dating…]
“Here’s what we are gonna do.  We’re gonna start by finding you a seat at the bar…”
“You are destined to be an Old Maid.”
"Be careful.  He's straight out of Bridgewater Correctional..."

[On my love for Family Feud…]
“Let me tell you, even preseason baseball is more beneficial to you than Family Feud.”
“We need to get you a dictionary.  Stop watching Family Feud and start studying the dictionary.”

“Work ethic is dead.”

[While holding up a gym towel with a hole in it…]
 “Just like the Ritz!”

[Talking about high school…]
 “We had hieroglyphics in the morning at about 9:30 AM…”

Jen: You rock Jimbo!
Jim: Well, I’m going to roll for a bit then I’m going to get out of here.

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