Sunday, February 8, 2015

Run #2 of 2015

You may be shocked but I went for a run yesterday.

Here’s the story behind it…

I don’t always start my morning checking my Timehop but yesterday I did.  One year ago I wrote this blog post: The words no runner wants to hear.  Last year at this time I was crying because I couldn’t run.  This year I woke up with no thoughts of even trying to run.  It’s cold.  It’s icy.  I have new puppy mom guilt.  Priorities have changed since bringing home my little G and I am loving every minute with her.
Back to yesterday... 

After a little Timehop motivation, I bundled up in my favorite "winter running jacket" and headed out for 2 miles.  Yup, 2 miles.  That’s it.  It was super icy (I need Yaktrax!) and some could debate that I did more walking than running.  The important thing was that I got out there.  Remember what I said in Begin a Fitness Routine?  Ease into it.  I gotta start somewhere!

About 3/4 miles in, I avoided a near wipe out and began to ask myself, “Why am I out here again?” 
Because I can!  I’m a runner.  Running is what I do!

Did I run today?  No.  Will I run tomorrow?  Who knows.  But I AM really looking forward to my next run… which is a very good sign for me!

If you woke up this morning feeling blah, get out there and just do it.  You’ll feel much better after you accomplished something.  Oh, and wear your sunscreen kids.  No more repeats of last February.

2015 Totals: 6 miles

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