Sunday, June 21, 2015

Race Report: Women Running Wild 2015

Did I ever tell you how much I dislike running 5k races?

Now that that's out of the way... I ran a 4 second PR!  The funny thing is, I didn’t realize it until hours later at home when I sat down to write this blog post.

It was a beautiful night for a race!  Cooler temperatures, not much humidity, and only a slight breeze.  I may not like 5k races but boy do I love running in Osterville!

The last week or so I hadn’t been running as much.  Visitors last weekend and just overall fatigue kept me off the roads and I had a lot of time before the 6pm start to try to talk myself out of going.  I mean, come on I still haven’t seen Jurassic World yet and my parents were hanging out at my house with the pup.
Photo cred @beth_np

Overall my race went well.  I didn’t really push myself and tried to stay as relaxed as possible.  Most of the race I was running alone.  I picked off about a dozen girls in the beginning and before the half mile mark, I positioned myself in second place about 15 seconds behind the leader and stayed that way until I crossed the finish in 20:45.

There were people cheering me on to the finish line and I saw some familiar faces, which was really nice.  Congrats to Beth!  She beat her goal time looking strong and speedy at the finish!

Up next: Falmouth Road Race on Sunday, August 16

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