Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Roundup 10.3-10.9

Everyone have a good week?  I had a great week!  It was my last week of fun running before the focus shifts to Miami Marathon training.  Not only did I get to run with my friend Infa at Run Club on Tuesday night but I got to run with hime again on Wednesday night!  I totally fought it too.  I wasn’t going to go.  I was tired.  I was already on the couch BUT I’m glad I went because I met another cool Cape Cod Runner.  I counted that as my long run of the week and took Saturday and Sunday off to recharge and prepare.

2012 Throwback
It was also a good weekend of motivation.  The Chicago Marathon was Sunday.  It was my first marathon back in 2012 and I have nothing but love for that race.  A few of my friends ran and it totally inspired me.  I had 2 clients racing half marathons this weekend—Erica paced her 3:00 group to a 2:59:59 and Jack beat his goal of 1:55 by running 1:54:55.

On another note, the Bills won 3 games in a row!  HEY EY EY EY!  #BillsMafia

Upcoming events:

·      3 weeks until the Cape Cod Half!
·      16 weeks until the Miami Marathon!

Monday 10.3.16
Happy Anniversary Georgie! 2 years together!
1 mile with G (9:15)
9,199 steps

Tuesday 10.4.16
Taught spin class
Marathon Sports Run Club! 4.23 miles with Infa (34:29)
19,996 steps

Wednesday 10.5.16
1 mile with G (9:03)
5.17 miles with Infa & Alyssa (44:40)
18,976 steps

Thursday 10.6.16
Power Water
9,141 steps

Friday 10.7.16
1.58 miles with G (15:05)
3 miles (23:40)
16,639 steps

Saturday 10.8.16
9,393 steps

Sunday 10.9.16
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O
11,733 steps

This week’s mileage: 16 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3.5 miles
October Totals: 26 miles
2016 Totals: 634 miles

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