Monday, May 19, 2014

Race Report: Piggy Trot 2014

Sunday was the 5th Annual Piggy Trot at Dowses Beach in Osterville, MA.  It’s a 3.7 mile road race raising money and melanoma awareness through The Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope.

As always, it was a fantastic event.  This was my fourth straight year and it continues to get better and better every time.  Well-organized, friendly volunteers, beautiful course, the sun was shining, great race day atmosphere.  You can tell that Glenna was a very special girl.

2014 was supposed to be a race between me, my strength coach Eric, and our coworker Drew but this race will have to wait as Drew backed out about 48 hours before.  Eric has been off the roads for a few weeks now but still showed up.  He brought along his awesome cheering squad—wife & 14th month old daughter—and still ran a great time.  I am impressed with his ability to run fast times with so little training.  It must be all that Spinning!!!!! 
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My dad signed up for the race for the first time and yesterday was the longest my mom has ever run without walking!  In 2011 & 2012, she did a little run/walk along the course but now I have no doubt she’ll be ready for the Tufts 10k with me in October! :)  It was also the first road race all 3 of us have run together!  I’ve run with dad.  Dad ran with mom.  Mom ran with me.  It was fun seeing the whole family out on the course.  I always say... running is contagious!

Also running this year was Joe & Jon from CCR and family friend, Chris—a road race maniac, who continues to get faster each week of racing.

As for my race, I won a pig!  I think I was more excited about the pig than I was winning $50 for my 3rd place finish.  Most of the course I was running alone.  I passed a group of runners just before the first mile marker and worked on picking off 3 more runners the rest of the race as no one else was in sight.  I ran about 10 seconds slower than last year but felt very relaxed throughout the whole race.  My average heart rate was 178.  That seems high to me (I try to keep it around 160 bpm for easy runs) but I don't usually race with my heart rate monitor so I didn't know what to expect!  Today was a great test to see where my fitness is at as I prepare for Women Running Wild in 5 weeks where I hope to run a 5k PR.


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