Monday, May 22, 2017

Race Report: Piggy Trot 2017

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Piggy Trot for the Glenna Kohl Fund for Hope and my 7th year in a row running!  I love this race, the course, the cause—and I’m always excited for Piggy Trot morning.

As you know, I’ve been injured.  My physical therapist has only given me the ok to walk/run every other day up to 3 miles total.  The Piggy Trot is 3.7 miles.

While the original plan was to pace Eric and hopefully race to another pig trophy, I rewire my brain to make this a fun run.  I’m always lucky to have my mom and a bunch of work friends and run club friends running this race so this year I tagged along with Allison—who was stroller running, pushing Catherine.  It did turn into a walk/run for real because Catherine kept throwing her stuffed animal out of the stroller and then she wanted water… didn’t want water… wanted water… didn’t want water… and so on.

My mom started with us then kept running during one of our stops.  Once she hit mile 3 she started walking and we caught up so we all could cross the finish line together!

(📸: Stacey Hedman)

Up next: Buffalo Half Marathon in Buffalo, NY on May 28th!

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