Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekly Roundup 7.10-7.16

Week 3 of 12

This week brought the challenge of heat, humidity and friends.  To free up my weekend I rearranged my run schedule with the intent on packing on some miles early in the week, run long on Wednesday, and squeeze in a Sunday evening run.  The plan was 24 miles but I came up short…

Monday was Cape Cod Rehab’s group run so I ran 3 miles with the group but not before running 3 miles on my own at home.  I threw in 1 mile Fartlek to reintroduce my legs to speed work.  It felt great!

On Tuesday I chose pizza over run club… (no comment) but I woke up pretty early on Wednesday morning to run long.  I had the day off but oh em gee it was humid—miserable actually—but I knew I had to get it done.  The first few miles were ok.  I even passed a guy on the path that threw up a peace sign and yelled at me to “get ittttt.”  I was actually going a lot faster than I had planned until I was about a mile and a half from home in when the humidity really got to me and I rode the struggle bus the rest of the way.  I ran.  I walked.  I stopped in front of the donut truck for awhile wishing I had money with me.  I poured water over my head and shuffled my way home.  I can’t even tell you how long I sat on my porch before I stopped sweating!  It was awful and I was wiped out for the rest of my day off!

Since I missed running Tuesday night, I knew I had to run Thursday morning before work.  More humidity.  G struggled.  I struggled.  I questioned why I liked to run.

I was up early Friday morning to pick Jen up from the bus station!  She flew in on a red eye from Wyoming for the weekend.  Her family was relocated out there 5 years ago and man I miss her.  Our friend Nicole who now lives in Florida was supposed to come too but her family got sick the week of her trip.  Jen and I hung out for the day, had ice cream for lunch then met up with Sarah for dinner.

Saturday morning our alarms went off at 4am because we were headed to Boston.  Sarah was running the Run to Home Base at Fenway Park in support of Veterans and their families.  Jen and I served as cheering squad for Sarah along with her husband Nathan and son Landon.  It was early but we had a blast.  We all spent the rest of the day in the city… brunch, mimosas, visited Nathan’s firehouse, hotel pool party… then we went to this awesome restaurant called the Tip Tap Room for dinner and drinks.  Jen ordered the antelope and I had wild boar.  Really?  Woo!

Sunday led to more adventures before we had to drop Jen off at the airport.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted and running seemed ridiculous buttt I laced up my running shoes and ran 2 miles.  That was all I had.

Other highlights:

·      I have to add a big congratulations to Sarah for completing the Run to Home Base 9k.  Not only did she fundraise for a wonderful cause but also followed a plan and she trained hard.  I’m so proud of her!

Upcoming events:

·      5 weeks until the Falmouth Road Race!
·      9 weeks until Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia!

Monday 7.10.17
3 miles (23:25) with 1 mile Fartlek <--7:13
CCR Group Run! 3 miles (27:20)
18,038 steps

Tuesday 7.11.17
Happy Anniversary! 3 years a homeowner.
Taught spin class
10 push ups
10,684 steps

Wednesday 7.12.17
8 miles (1:01:13)
2x10 push ups
17,327 steps

Thursday 7.13.17
0.94 miles with G (9:31)
3 miles (23:47)
Power Water
15,663 steps

Friday 7.14.17
40’ walk with G
10 push ups
9,199 steps

Saturday 7.15.17
18,965 steps

Sunday 7.16.17
2 miles (16:26)
11,742 steps

This week’s mileage: 20 miles
This week’s G mileage: 1 mile
July Totals: 47 miles
2017 Totals: 445 miles

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