Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Weekly Roundup 12.24-12.30

Week 1 of 16

Monday kicked of the official first week of 2019 Boston Marathon Training!

The past few weeks I’ve been running more consistently and tried to get my mileage up to around 20 miles per week.  I started back in the gym twice a week and recruited my coworker/friend/Athletic Trainer Craig to help me out.  I took so much time off after last year’s Boston Marathon and my biggest struggle since has been motivation and consistency.  Week 1 brought me a bit of normalcy again as I tend to thrive on routine and having a plan.

Merry Christmas!  Christmas Eve fell on a Monday this year and I worked a half day.  My plan was to go home and run a 4 mile progression run but Georgie was practically begging me to take her with me.  I thought I’d run a mile with her and finish on my own but she kept trotting along for 3 miles!  Some days she really surprises me.

3 miles wasn’t enough though because she was full on energy and a PAIN IN THE BUTT when I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at my house!

After Christmas morning at my parents I headed out for 6 merry miles to the beach and back.   It felt great after stuffing my face with my mom’s French toast casserole!

It was an off week in the gym with a new program starting next week so on Wednesday I stayed after work for some old favorites.

I spent Friday morning at the dentist getting my THREE cavities filled.  Ugh!  It was pouring all day so I went right to the gym for some treadmill miles.  The left side of my face was completely numb and was totally drooling the whole time.  My goal was 5 miles but threw in some 1/2 mile repeats to make the time go by faster.  Plus I missed my progression run earlier in the week so I needed to get in a little speed work.

Saturday was long run day.  10 miles to finish up the week with 24 total miles.  I ran through New Seabury and made a few stops at the water.  My calves were screaming from Friday and my legs were feeling heavy but overall it was a beautiful day and I was happy to be outside.

1 week down, 15 weeks to go!

Other highlights:

·      My hotel room is booked for Boston!  That was my big present this year from my mom & dad.  One less thing to worry about.  My parents are the best.

Upcoming events:

·      15 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 12.24.18
2.94 miles with G (30:31)
Burdenko H2O

Tuesday 12.25.18
Merry Christmas!
6 miles (44:30)

Wednesday 12.26.18
Lift – TRX, kettle bells and box jumps

Thursday 12.27.18
Taught spin class
Power Water

Friday 12.28.18
5 treadmill miles (37:19) with 4x800s at 9.0 mph

Saturday 12.29.18
10 miles (1:14:56)
18’ walk with G

Sunday 12.30.18
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O

This week’s mileage: 24 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3 miles
December Totals: 85 miles
2018 Totals: 956 miles

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