Monday, February 3, 2014

We Are The Champions Spin Playlist

Jock Jams Round 2 – this one is inspired by Super Bowl XLVIII

Tuesday.  8:30am.  Mashpee Fitness Center.  Be there!

NFL on Fox Theme                                                1:22  Warm up #1
Get Ready 4 This                      2 Unlimited       3:26  Warm up #2
Let's Get Ready To Rumble   Michael Buffer  0:26  Time to work!
Push It                                        Salt-N-Pepa        4:15  Build - stay in endurance zone
Pump Up The Jam                   Technotronic     3:59  80-100, 30" jumps
Jump Around                            House Of Pain   3:24  80-100, chorus 4 count jumps
Strike It Up                                Black Box           3:35  Recovery & start build
Y.M.C.A.                                      The Village People  4:41  Seated climb - strength zone
Rock And Roll All Nite           Kiss                      3:57  Standing climb - strength zone
Tequila                                       The Champs      2:10  80-100, back to endurance zone
Rock And Roll Part 2             Gary Glitter        2:59  Build
We Are The Champions        Queen                  3:03  Seated/standing climb
Shout                                         The Isley Brothers  4:39  Total random
Bye Bye Bye                             'N Sync                 3:20  One last build/pyramid
This Is How We Do It           Montell Jordan   4:37  Cool down
Just The Way You Are          Bruno Mars         3:42  Stretch

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