Friday, March 7, 2014

I ran a mile!!

Want to know how I knew today was going to be a good day?  My Friday morning began with purchasing Britney Spears tickets in Vegas!  Can’t wait to go with my 2 favorite people: Lindi Lou and BFF Barbie!!!! #oldladiestrip

Anyway, today marks 4 weeks since my stitches.  The doctor told me they will dissolve in 4-6 weeks.  Since I am super impatient, I had to go for a little test run today. 

I was already at Mashpee Fitness for a meeting so I had no excuses.  I put on a piece of pink argyle Rock Tape to hold everything together and got to work.

Fitness Friday

10 minute Arc Trainer warm up

1 mile run (7:36) – I felt pressure and discomfort in the area of the stitches about a quarter mile in but kept going.  I was cruising at a pretty good pace but my heart rate was skyrocketing!  Probably a good 15-20 bpm higher than it would have been on the same run 4 weeks ago but I ran a mile!!

2 Rounds of TRX Exercises from Winter Workout #1:

1.     10 squat
2.     10 each single leg squat
3.     10 each side lunge
4.     10 each power pull
5.     10 suspended push ups

Foam Roll & Ice

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