Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Success with the Cheesecake Factory & Pinkberry

My dad’s running his second half marathon tomorrow!  My mom and I won’t be making the trip to Rhode Island tomorrow so we decided to take a drive with him today to pick up his number and check out where he needs to go in the morning.

On the way home we made a stop at the Providence Place Mall.  It’s been awhile since mama and I had lettuce wraps so the Cheesecake Factory was calling our names.  I was practically rolling out of my chair after uncontrollably stuffing my face (and getting cheesecake x3 to go) but who goes to the Providence Place Mall and doesn’t stop at Pinkberry?!  Is that even a real question?

This lead me to realize that the day before every major race I’ve run in the past few years I had either the Cheesecake Factory or Pinkberry, and if I was lucky… both.

Rock & Roll Providence Half Marathon 2011 – Cheesecake Factory for dinner with mom, Lizzie & Christa (Pinkberry wasn’t open yet): Ran a PR

Chicago Marathon 2012 – Cheesecake Factory for lunch and Pinkberry for an afternoon snack: Survived 26.2 miles

Nike Womens Half Marathon 2013 – Pinkberry one of our only meals of the day (long story): Ran a PR

Rock and Roll Providence 2013 – Pinkberry in the afternoon, Cheesecake Factory for dinner with Sarah & Katrina: Ran a PR

If something works, stick with it!  We all have our superstitions…

Will he break 2 hours tomorrow?!  Go Daddo go!

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