Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Weeks til the Piggy Trot!

2 posts in one day?  Yessir.  That's because after I received that email today, I realized we are 6 weeks away until the Piggy Trot.  Time to get my butt in gear!!  The Piggy Trot was supposed to be the big race: me vs. my strength and conditioning coach, but I took 4 weeks off this winter because of my stupid stitches… and he took [more than] 4 weeks off for "an injury."  He may not realize it but it’s still on.

I began mapping out my 6 week training plan during my lunch break and also learned I have very competitive co-workers.  An email from Drew got me fired up and ready to start training.  Wasn’t I was just saying I needed some motivation...

Day 1

3 mile run (24:06)

4 strides, jog in between = 1 mile (8:26)

10 TRX Squats
Unrelated: 26 Days til Britney!
10 each TRX Single Leg Squats
10 each TRX Power Pull
10 TRX Row
10 each TRX Single Leg Row

2x15 TRX Bridge
2x15 TRX Bridge with Hamstring Curl

10 TRX Plank with Mountain Climbers
2x10 TRX Plank with Hip Abduction
10 TRX Plank with Side Tucks

5” each Side Plank
10” each Side Plank
30” each Side Plank
60” Forearm Plank

Foam Roll & Stretch

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