Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Workouts by Catie

It was a finally a spring day on Cape Cod!  I was motivated by my coworker Catie’s lunch break workout so I asked her to write it down for me.  I like to share with you all my favorite workouts and medicine ball core work is no joke.  I have some work to do!

4 mile run (31:42)

Med Ball Circuit #1
·      Uneven Push Ups x10
·      Spiderman Plank x10 each
·      Single Leg Bridge x10 each
·      V Sit Up with Toe Touch x10 each
·      Med ball burpee x10

Repeat 2x through.
1st round with 4#, 2nd round with 6#

Med Ball Circuit #2
·      Wall sit with rotation x10 each
·      Wall Ball (Squat & Throw) x10
·      Alternating Lunge with chop x10 each

Repeat 2x through.   
1st round with 4#, 2nd round with 6#

Thank you Catie!  Love my Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist friends.  

Sidenote: Does anybody actually like burpees?!  I feel so awkward!

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