Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday Falmouth Road Race Edition

Road Race weekend was always been one of my favorite weekends of the year.  I first began volunteering in the office during the summer of 2003 to pay back the race for sponsoring my trip to Miami for Junior Olympics.  The following year I became full time staff.  Some of my best memories were from my first years in the office with Matt, Eilis, and Travis.  Then came Andrea, James, Christa, Ali, Chris, Allie and Kelly, who is like the little sister I've never had.  We had volunteers we all learned to love like Barbara and awesome volunteers like Ed, a man in his 90s who loved to talk Penn State.  The race staff is like family.  A lot has changed with the race in terms of management and politics but one thing that will never change are the great memories and friendships I’ve formed through the race over the years.

You wonder what we did all summer?  We entered 10,000 entries (before there was online registration).  We alphabetized 10,000 entries.  We proofread 10,000 entries.  We folded t-shirts and mailed out merchandise.  I was the Housing Coordinator and Assistant Elite Athlete Coordinator for awhile which meant when Mr. Carroll accepted an athlete into the race, I contacted their agent for information and travel plans and arranged housing in our host family program.  Race week we did anything and everything.  I always volunteered to pick up the elites from the bus station.  Many great conversations and relationships began in those rental mini vans.

The Falmouth Road Race was not just a summer job.  It was my life. 


What traditions and memories do you have from Road Race weekend?


"Catherine the Great"

John Korir

Where's Waldo?

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