Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Roundup 5.4-5.10

The week started off with a 4.26 mile walk through the sand and dunes of Sandy Neck Beach with my mom and the pup.  We’d only ever done “Train 1” but decided “Trail 2” didn’t look much further on the map.  Yeah, that’s a lie.  It’s almost 3 miles longer and we weren’t prepared.  It was HOT with a nice warm breeze off the water.  The dog did ok.  We only brought water for her while the humans struggled!

Trail 2, you kicked our butts.

Tuesday was one of my favorite spin classes and playlists ever!  So much energy for Cinco de Mayo!  I wasn’t feeling so hot at Run Club but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to try on Hoka One One shoes to see what they hype was all about!

Other highlights this week:

Monday 5.4.15
LONG walk on Sandy Neck’s Trail 2 with Lindi & G (1:26:57, 4.26 miles)
17,498 steps

Tuesday 5.5.15
Cinco de Mayo!
Taught spin class. The playlist: Tequila Boom Boom Spin Playlist
Marathon Sports Run Club! 3 miles with friends (29:56)
26,278 steps

Wednesday 5.6.15
Trotted 2x 1/2 mile with G (5:07, 4:33)
3 miles (23:03)
18,292 steps

Thursday 5.7.15
Taught spin class
12,474 steps

Friday 5.8.15
4 miles (33:54)
17,967 steps

Saturday 5.9.15
7 miles (56:19)
24,472 steps

Sunday 5.10.15
Taught spin class
11,672 steps

This week’s mileage: 18 miles
May Totals: 29.5 miles
2015 Totals: 105 miles

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