Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Roundup 6.29-7.5

I passed my test!  I am officially a Certified Running Coach through the Road Runners Club of America!  (Well I have to get a First Aid Certification first because apparently CPR & AED isn’t enough…)  I learned so much about types of runners, creating training plans, running form, and overall coaching and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!  If you’re interested in taking your running to the “Another Level,” you can book with me through CoachUp.  I work with runners of all levels and abilities.  Whether you are a beginner looking to get started running or at the intermediate level hoping to improve your times or tackle new distances, I can help you reach your goals!
Link to my CoachUp page here:

This week I also got my second set of blood work results back and yup, I have extremely low iron.  I picked up some vitamins and supplements on my way home from work on Wednesday and kicked off the iron party with a big old cheeseburger on the new grill.

Upcoming events:

·      7 weeks until the Falmouth Road Race!

Monday 6.29.15
Happy Birthday to my lil’ G! She turned ONE today!
First CCR Running Team Group Run! 4 miles run/walk (42:00)
20,702 steps

Tuesday 6.30.15
Taught spin class
5 minutes Jacobs Ladder #29035FEET
10,210 steps

Wednesday 7.1.15
3 miles (23:32)
5 minutes Jacobs Ladder #29035FEET
17,277 steps

Thursday 7.2.15
Taught spin class. The playlist: Party in the U.S.A. Spin Playlist
Power Water
5 minutes Jacobs Ladder #29035FEET
12 minutes Jacobs Ladder #29035FEET
11,677 steps

Friday 7.3.15
Trotted 1 mile with G (10:21)
4 miles (31:47)
19,303 steps

Saturday 7.4.15
Happy 4th of July!
6 miles with Lindi Lou on the bike (47:40)
19,983 steps

Sunday 7.5.15
Taught spin class
10,273 steps

This week’s mileage: 18 miles
June Totals: 45 miles
July Totals: 14 miles
2015 Totals: 208 miles

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