Sunday, December 4, 2016

Race Report: Jingle Jog 5k 2016

All I really have to say is that man I love this race!  Every year the Falmouth Jingle Jog gets merrier and merrier and the costumes get better and better. 

This was the third year that my dad and I ran this race—we missed 2014 because of puppy kindergarten—and the second year in a row Run Club friends Danielle and Jason also ran with us.  I love that it’s the first weekend of December and pretty much kicks off the holiday season.

The race itself was chilly and windy this year.  I warmed up for 2 miles with Danielle, Jason and their friend Pat and actually did warm up but that wind kept reminding us it was December on Cape Cod.

My goal for the race was even pacing.  I wanted to run comfortable fast and maintain.  I think I did just that with splits reading 6:40, 6:44 and 6:43.  

I ended up placing 2nd behind Anne but it was déjà vu all over again.  At the top of the Falmouth Road Race hill she was right there in front of me.  I maintained pace through the second mile and seemed to be slowly making some ground on her.  I could have taken off the last mile and tried to catch her (last year I ran a 6:11 last mile as I knew breaking 20 minutes for the first time since high school was within reach) but tired marathon training legs and my need to work on patience said to run my own race and cruise through to the finish.

On the other hand my dad freaking killed it!  Last year he PRed at the 5k distance and ran 26:27.  Yesterday he ran 25:25!  Yup, that’s Mr. “I’m going to run really slow today” Skiba.

21 days until Christmas!

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