Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Roundup 12.12-12.18

Week 10 of 16

What a week!  So awhile back I agreed to swap weekends with Craig so he could surprise his wife with an anniversary trip to DC.  While having a 3-day weekend last weekend was nice, I couldn’t help but stress.  Working both Saturday and Sunday left me with only one option for my long run—Friday.  Not only was it my longest run of Miami training to date (18 miles), it would mean that I’d be running alone since my parents would both be working.

I started off the week on Monday with 6 miles on a day I was only supposed to run 5.  I was feeling good and it ended up a progression run—also not planned.  After my run I had Eric write down 6 exercises for me to do before I could go home and I learned how to do a kettlebell deadlift!

Tuesday I finally made it to Run Club!  Again I was unsure about how much running I will fit in later in the week so I had to take advantage of any miles I could get.  I texted my peeps for some motivation and got my butt to Marathon Sports for a chilly 3 miles with Allison and Chris.  I even went out for an Angry Orchard and mozzarella sticks!

I woke up Tuesday morning sore from Monday’s workout but it was nothing like how I felt Wednesday morning.  I could barely bend over to tie my shoes.  It was awful.  It was also a sad reminder of how much I need to strength train, even if it’s just a few exercises at a time.  Wednesday afternoon I powered through 6 half mile repeats.

All day Thursday I had my long run on the mind.  There was a cold front coming and the high on Friday was only supposed to be about 18 degrees with winds 20-30 mph.  A short run… maybe… but 18 miles?!  There was no way.  I tried to come up with different routes and options like perhaps three 6-mile loops that I could stop at my parents house to change layers if needed.  There was so much stress and anxiety building and I knew that my only real option was the treadmill.

If I told you “it wasn’t that bad,” I would be lying.  18 miles on the treadmill was just as bad as it sounds and I will never do it again.  I texted Craig just before 10am to see if my favorite treadmill was open because let’s face it—if my favorite treadmill was taken, I couldn’t run.  So what did he do?  He put a cone up to save it for me.  Perks of working at a gym? 

I started out with a little Parks and Rec on Netflix.  Then I switched over to a little music.  Then I chatted with Dr. Flaherty who was running 13 miles 2 treadmills over from me.  I took a bathroom break at 10 miles because I was looking for any excuse to stop.  Then a bunch of coworkers took turns coming over to check on me.  Eric opened my GU chews.  Lee walked on her lunch break.  Brian came over and finished my last 2 miles with me.  Joe ran out to Roche Bros. and bought me chocolate milk for when I was done.  It really was a team effort.  The last few miles were tough.  Mentally.  Physically.  My feet were starting to hurt.  My hips were super stiff and sore.  I was sweating a lot and starting to get delirious.  It was just not pleasant BUT I did it.  I was so happy to be done!

I wasn’t quite done with my weekly mileage so after work on Saturday I grabbed Georgie for a run in the dark.  It was super slushy and a little icy so we went slower than usual but it was fun to get back to night running.

Other highlights:

·      I received another new product to test for the BibRave Pro program.  This week’s package was from Brilliant Reflective and included both stick on and iron on reflective strips to add to any running outfit or gear.  I was intrigued when I heard they could stick on to dog leashes because I am always looking for ways to keep the pup safe when we are out night running.  Now I just have to borrow my mom’s iron… and maybe ask her for help to learn how to use it… Stay tuned for my full review.

Upcoming events:

·      6 weeks until the Miami Marathon!

Monday 12.12.16
6 mile progression (44:20) <--7:48, 7:34, 7:26, 7:20, 7:11, 6:56
Workout from Eric: 2x [15 kettlebell deadlifts, 15 kettlebell dipping birds, 90” plank, 15 push ups, 15 TRX rows, 15 kettlebell side lunges]
19,003 steps

Tuesday 12.13.16
Taught spin class
Marathon Sports Run Club! 3.25 miles with Allison and Chris (30:23)
15,940 steps

Wednesday 12.14.16
8 miles (59:19) with 6x800s ß3:25, 3:18, 3:20, 3:09, 3:09, 3:02
22,474 steps

Thursday 12.15.16
Taught spin class
Power Water
10,987 steps

Friday 12.16.16
18 treadmill miles (2:23:23)
39,889 steps

Saturday 12.17.16
Taught spin class
Water Interval
2.65 miles with G (29:35)
16,380 steps

Sunday 12.18.16
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O
12,350 steps

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This week’s mileage: 38 miles
This week’s G mileage: 2.65 miles
December Totals: 91 miles
2016 Totals: 914 miles

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