Saturday, January 7, 2017

BibRave Pro Product Review: Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips

Disclaimer: I was recently Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

“Be Brilliant!”

Did you know that according to the National Safety Council the chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase 1100% after dark?  That’s crazy, right?  I was lectured last week by a patient who asked me if I was one of those stupid people that ran at night in all black?  Absolutely not!

True Life: I’m a sucker for anything reflective.  For real. 

Last year I started night running with Georgie and found that she is way more focused running in the dark with way less distractions.  The biggest problem we ran into was how DARK my neighbor hood is.  I started spending a ton of money on all kinds of reflective gear—both for me and the dog—and my friend hooked me up with a pair of Knuckle Lights but I never feel like it’s enough.  So when BibRave offered the opportunity to try out Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips, I was all about it!

Make Your Favorite Gear Reflective

So the cool thing about Brilliant Reflective is that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive reflective gear like I did because you can apply the strips to your favorite running gear.  When I got the strips in the mail, I immediately put them on Georgie’s running backpack and running leash.  Her fur covers her flashing LED collar and the hands-free leash we run with is all black so even if I am highly visible, I never feel like cars can see her.

Iron-On vs. Stick-On

Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips are packaged and sold 2 ways: Stick-On or Iron-On.  They are sold in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Purple and Red.  I personally prefer the Stick-On version and I’ll tell you why. 

First of all, the Iron-On versions are permanent and made for clothing.  By permanent, Brilliant Reflective says they won’t come off for at least 50 washes.  Second of all, you need an iron to apply the strips.  And lastly, I’m a 30 year old homeowner that doesn’t own an iron.

The Stick-On strips are much easier to apply and can be used on clothing and gear including water bottles, helmets, bikes, strollers, running belts and dog leashes.  I have the Stick-On strips on my winter running jacket and a pair of thermal tights—both of which has survived about a half dozen washes with no signs of them falling off.  If for some reason you do change your mind after applying, they are easily removable.

Other bonuses:

·      Made from 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, it provides optimal visibility in low-light conditions and is 200x brighter than a white t-shirt.
·      Brilliant encourages you to create your own biomotion.  “When you outline the human form with Brilliant Reflective, the light reflecting back to a driver will be in the shape of a human.  Studies have shown that drivers react more quickly when they know they’re approaching a human rather than un unknown object.”  Pretty cool concept.


·      Washing will shorten the life of the strips but they recommend washing the garment inside out with cool water.
·      I didn’t take any pictures of me in my updated reflective gear because I was too busy playing paparazzi to my photogenic pup.  I swear, I’m Brilliant too.

Can anyone really have too much reflective gear?  I think not.  And Brilliant Reflective is a perfect option to keep you safe without spending a lot of money on new, reflective gear.

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And don’t forget to use code BIBRAVE25 for 25% off your order!  Order soon because the discount code expired at 11:59pm on Tuesday January 10th.

Happy running!

P.S. Georgie gives Brilliant Reflective “2 paws up!”

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