Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Roundup 1.16-1.22

Week 15 of 16

Taper continues and I am feeling fabulous.  Absolutely fabulous.

Honestly after the 2016 I had, training for Miami couldn’t have gone any better.  First of all, I’M NOT INJURED!  I experienced a little lateral knee pain due to IT band tightness here and there but nothing that a little foam rolling couldn’t fix.  I worked hard when I had to work hard.  I ran easy with G on days that I was supposed to run easy.  I recovered well and spent a lot of time with the NormaTec at work.  I ran 18 miles on a freaking treadmill and a 20-miler in the snow.  Bring it on Miami.  I’m ready.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about training in the cold and racing in the heat and while complete heat acclimation is unrealistic for me (ACSM says 2 to 4 hours of moderate to high intensity exercise in a hot environment for 10 consecutive days), I have been wearing extra layers and training indoors on the treadmill in hopes that it will make running in Miami just a little bit more bearable.

I have also been weather stalking like CRAZY!  This far out the forecast changes every hour but I can’t stop checking it.  It has become an obsession.  Praying the weather gods send us 50 degrees, low humidity and a light breeze.

Anyways, Tuesday and Wednesday I ran 3 and 4 miles on the treadmill.  I had a great spin class Thursday night then it was back to the treadmill Friday morning for my last long run.  Last week I was so excited that my long run was “only” 14 miles.  This week I was fully enjoying taper and was so unmotivated to run 10 miles.  My run itself went well—I was distracted by NFL Playoff talk on ESPN and coverage of the Inauguration but I wore my CoachUp sweatshirt and that sweatshirt made the run miserable.  By the end I could wring it out.  I was so hot.

I got out Saturday morning with the pup because Saturday afternoon was FitPlan 2017 at work when all the trainers get together for a few hours of inservice presentations and discussions.  I didn’t think Georgie would make it all 3 miles with me but she did.  We took our time.  Stopped a few times.  She pooped twice.  It was great.

Up next… RACE WEEK!!!

Other highlights:

·      BibRave recently partnered with a company that makes products for running with your dog and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to test out the Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner with Georgie.  I actually discovered the brand when I initially began running with Georgie and they make great, reliable leashes, collars and harnesses.  Full review coming soon…

·      I’ve been wanting to blog about tips for running with your dog for a while now and the arrival of our new hands-free leash inspired me to get it done.  In case you missed it, here it is:

Upcoming events:

·      1 week until the Miami Marathon!
·      12 weeks until the Newport Rhode Race!
·      18 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 1.16.17
6,713 steps

Tuesday 1.17.17
3 treadmill miles (23:26)
Taught spin class. The playlist: Rock This Town Spin Playlist
15,858 steps

Wednesday 1.18.17
4 treadmill miles (30:57) with 6 strides
1’ plank
15,795 steps

Thursday 1.19.17
Taught spin class
Power Water
11,466 steps

Friday 1.20.17
10 treadmill miles (1:19:13)
3x1’ planks
25,040 steps

Saturday 1.21.17
3 miles with G (time)
1’ plank
10,556 steps

Sunday 1.22.17
Taught spin class. The playlist: All I Do Is Win Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
12,578 steps


This week’s mileage: 20 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3 miles
January Totals: 93 miles
2017 Totals: 93 miles

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