Wednesday, September 27, 2023

NYC Marathon Training | Week 10 of 16

10 weeks down, 6 to go!

Another big week for me! It was my highest mileage week (32), longest long run (18!!) and most likely the highest number of calories consumed as well. I have reached that part of training where my hunger is RAGING! Another thing about marathon training that I totally forgot about.

Monday was a normal rest day and now Foam Roll & Stretch class day.

On Tuesday I took advantage of an appointment in Falmouth and ran an old route along the Shining Sea Bikeway and Chappy Beach. It was a beautiful, windy day and I was loving it. That night Craig and I got Somerset Creamery for dinner. My favorite.

I had another appointment on Wednesday afternoon so I left work a little early and then ran when I got home. Cooler temps meant I was able to bring Reggie along. She’s been acting crazy lately and Craig and I know she needs to get back to a normal running routine.

On Thursday I taught low impact aerobics and most likely the last water aerobics class of the year. No running after work. Instead I went for a much needed manicure and pedicure.

Friday felt like fall. I brought Reggie along for my run again - this time for 5 miles! We stopped at Naukabout for a water break on the way back and had Craig take a few pics because I was wearing my new MEB Foundation singlet that arrived in the mail earlier this week!

My biggest dilemma right now. For my birthday, Craig bought me green shoes to train in and purple shoes to race in. Purple doesn’t match my new singlet. Should I buy another new pair?! The struggle is real… What should I do?

It was another rainy Saturday. I cancelled pool class but taught Saturday Strength. All afternoon I was checking the Sunday weather forecast. More rain.

When I woke up on Sunday morning the radar looked like the rain would hold off most of the morning. I ate some cereal and got everything together for my run then texted my parents I’d be heading over soon to run from their house. I got a thumbs up from my dad but my mom threw me a curveball by saying they both had a cold. No way I was going there!

I took some time to drink my pre-run drink - that I normally would have had on my ride to Falmouth - and mapped out another run through Cotuit. From the moment I started running, it was misting out. I did a lap in the neighborhood before looping back home to grab some gloves. I’m so glad I did because I ended up wearing them for my entire run.

I pretty much ran the same route as the week before but added on a few extra roads and loops to add on 2 more miles. At times the mist turned to heavy mist and it wasn’t long before I was soaked.

Other than being grey, wet and sometimes cold when the wind was blowing in my face, the run itself was pretty uneventful. I felt good. Energy was good. Last week my goal was to get to Oregon Beach at 11 miles with 5 miles to go. This week I wanted to get there at 13 and I was right on again! Craig texted around 9.5 miles and I told him to meet me in 25 miles at the beach. The next couple miles I had that to look forward to.

When I got to the beach, Craig was sitting in his truck with a warm towel, dry shirts and a water refill. I was still feeling good miles 14-16 but the last 2 miles were tough. It actually stopped misting for a little bit but my legs were feeling like bricks and really tightening up. I hit 18 miles a few houses from home and as I started walking, it started pouring. Good timing I guess.

When I got in the door, I could barely bend over to untie my shoes. My hamstrings were screaming. A combination of cold weather, a few extra miles and those darn B-stance deadlifts from Saturday Strength. I peeled off my wet clothes, took a hot shower then laid on the couch with hot coffee and my Normatecs and a few hours of football.

The Bills weren’t on TV so at about halftime of the Patriots game, Craig and I went for a late lunch at the Lobster Trap. I had a mudslide (obviously), oysters & lttlenecks, a stuffed quahog and fish tacos. The older man next to me made a comment about how much I could eat. LOL. He had no idea. After that it was back to the couch for the rest of the day.

Monday 9.18.23


Foam Roll & Stretch

Tuesday 9.19.23

5.5 miles (41:32)

Low Impact Aerobics

Wednesday 9.20.23

3.5 miles with Reggie (27:47)

30 min Mat CORE

Thursday 9.21.23

Low Impact Aerobics

Water Aerobics (from the pool deck)

Friday 9.22.23

5 miles with Reggie (39:33)

30 min Mat CORE

Saturday 9.23.23

Saturday Strength

Sunday 9.24.23

18 miles (2:25:34)

This week’s mileage: 32 miles

This week’s Reggie mileage: 8.5 miles

Training totals: 257 miles


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Why I’m running the 2023 NYC Marathon

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