Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I’m A Believer Spin Playlist

We Are Family                       Sister Sledge                3:37    Warm up       
It's Raining Men                   The Weather Girls      3:34    Drills, pedal strokes 
Ray Of Light                           Madonna                       3:56    Build  
Where the Wind Blows      Coco O.                           3:51    Seated climb 60-80rpm      
Walking On Sunshine         Katrina & The Waves 3:41   Comfortably fast      
I'm A Believer                       Smash Mouth               3:04    Running out of the saddle  
Forget You                             Cee Lo Green                3:45    Build  
Fighter                                    Christina Aguilera      4:06    Seated/standing climb        
Applause                                Lady Gaga                     3:32    Faster with some jumps      
Don't Stop the Party           Pitbull                            3:26    Rolling hills
Hey Ya!                                   OutKast                          3:55    Lightning round       
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays  'N Sync          4:14    Cooldown      
Wonderful Christmastime Paul McCartney          3:46    Stretch           

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