Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Spin Playlist

Found all my old Jock Jam CD’s… Who’s ready?

Gonna Make You Sweat        C+C Music Factory    4:01   Warm up
What Is Love                            Haddawa                     3:53   Drills, pedal strokes
Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Michael Buffer           0:26   Time to work!
Tootsee Roll                             The 69 Boyz                4:03   Build
Whoop! There It Is                 Tag Team                     3:43   80-100, 30" jumps
Everybody                                Backstreet Boys         3:40   Build
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It                  Will Smith                   3:48   30" jumps, more tension!
Mo Money, Mo Problems      The Notorious B.I.G. 3:41   80-100
Now That We Found Love    Heavy D & The Boyz 4:18   More tension, faster rpm
C'mon N' Ride It                      Quad City DJ's           4:05   15" jumps, adding tension
Rock And Roll Part 2              Gary Glitter                2:59   Build
Come Baby Come                    K7                                 3:55   60-80, seated/standing climb
Cotton Eye Joe                         Rednex                         2:57   Fast!!
Poison                                        New Edition               4:20   Cool down
Millennium                               Robbie Williams       4:06   Stretch

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