Saturday, July 5, 2014

Run Jen Run’s Pet Peeves #5-9

ICYMI (In case you missed it) – You can read Run Jen Run's Pet Peeves #1-4 here


Share the Road.
Every winter I get nasty looks for people when I run in the middle of the road.  If someone shoveled the sidewalks, I wouldn’t have to.  It’s also super obnoxious when cars park on sidewalks and people decide it’s ok to drive in the shoulder of the road, even when they clearly see someone running there.  I’ve almost been hit multiple times by a car swerving into the shoulder of the road that was looking down, probably texting.  And people that do that on purpose are assholes.  So please, I ask you, pay attention when you’re driving and where you're parking.  Keep sidewalks clear and don’t drive in the shoulders.


If you honk at me while I’m running, we are no longer friends.
Ok maybe that's a little harsh but scaring the crap out of a runner is not funny!  I ain’t got nothin’ else to say about that.


If a faster runner asks a slower runner to go for a run, they are not expecting you to run at their faster pace.
This is my personal experience.  You may be a jerk but I am not.  I know you average a minute or two per mile slower and I don’t care!  I’m asking you to go for a run because I want the company.  Unless it’s a speed work day, I guarantee that I’d pick running at a slower pace with a friend over running alone.  I'd also like to say that 8:30-9:00 minute miles are not slow!  Look at any local road race results.  Your pace is average.  Average is not slow.  I enjoy average with friends.


Pets belong on a leash.
I am a lover of animals, especially dogs, but keep them on a leash.  No matter how well behaved you believe your pet is, there is that possibility for it to run wild.  A charging dog and one misstep can lead to an injury and a few weeks worth of recovery.  2014 Boston Marathon Champ Meb Keflezighi had to withdraw from Boston a few years ago after he tweaked his calf due to a dog encounter.


On a similar note: Invisible fences are not cool.
I spent a few months living in Philly and everyone had invisible fences in the neighborhood.  Dogs went crazy every time I ran by and I was always in panic mode... who knew if they were actually wearing their invisible fence collars?!

To be continued...

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