Thursday, July 31, 2014


Life gets put on hold when someone close to you passes. Nothing really matters anymore. Work, running, social life, painting the new house, awaiting furniture deliveries, blogging... Everything comes to a pause. We question. We grieve. We honor. We celebrate.

These last few days have been tough but I'm lucky to be surrounded by such loving friends and family.

Mom & Dad, I love you. Lizzie, My best friend. Sarah, Your friendship means the world to me. Eric, Thank you for being so understanding and accommodating with work. Melissa & Michele, I am forever grateful to have cousins as amazing as you two. You will always be “the sisters I never had” and I thank you for dropping everything for a fun, distracting night in the falls. Judy & Kim, Nonnie & Papa, Barb & John, the Belczaks, everyone else that crossed my path this week with kind words – I love you all.

I did not know Rena as "The Mayor of 6th Avenue" but from all the stories I've heard over the past few days, she sounded like a pretty cool woman.

When I was a little girl, going to grandma and grandpa's house meant coming home with a new Barbie doll or a $20 bill. Sleepovers meant waking up early to the sounds of pots and pans and the smell of bacon taking over the kitchen.

As an adult I enjoyed conversations with grandma on drives to the eye doctor or our lunch dates at Chilis. Her sarcastic yet positive outlook on life kept me laughing – even when she joked around questioning why she was still around when all of her friends were leaving this earth.  One thing that’s for sure is, she never forgot to tell me how proud of me she was... and I hope I can continue to make her proud.

As the priest said on Wednesday morning, "God has a plan for everyone." It may have been grandma's time to go but her memories will live on forever.


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