Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Roundup 1.4-1.10

Week 15 of 16

One more week.  ONE MORE WEEK!  Can you believe it?  These last 15 weeks FLEW by!

Am I excited?  Yes.  Am I nervous? Absolutely.  Getting injured after my 20-miler really threw me for a loop.  I don’t know what’s going to happen on race day but I do know that I AM going to run.  There has been so many people supporting me on this journey and I can’t let them down.  The good news is while last week I was in denial, this week I was determined to do everything in my power to get to the start line pain-free.  I got in the pool.  I used RockTape.  I foam rolled.  I added (a little) strength exercises.  I took a lot of ibuprofen.  I didn’t spin.  I didn’t run with Georgie.  Joe has been a big resource this week and I am happy to report that I had 2 pain-free runs this week.  I could still FEEL something wasn’t right but I will take it.

With one more week to go, the confidence is building—with caution.  I can’t wait to get down to Houston and see my family.  Everything will be ok.

Upcoming events:

·      1 week until the Houston Marathon!

Monday 1.4.16
30’ deep water running!
60” plank
11,120 steps

Tuesday 1.5.16
10 push ups
30 bridges
20 clamshell
20 reverse clamshell
20 S/L hip abduction
20 scooters
20 rotate + kick
8,198 steps

Wednesday 1.6.16
25’ deep water running/5’ shallow water running
20 dipping birds
50 squats
50 bridges
2x60” planks
11,820 steps

Thursday 1.7.16
22’ slow pedaling
11,286 steps

Friday 1.8.16
4 miles (31:56)
20 bridges
10 single leg bridges
15,271 steps

Saturday 1.9.16
6 miles (49:45)
20 dipping birds
15,752 steps

Sunday 1.10.16
Burdenko H2O
25 dipping birds
30 squats
3x60” planks
12,927 steps

G mileage disclaimer: None of the mileage reported with Georgie is straight, consistent running. We may run 1 mile in 9 or 10 minutes but in reality we probably covered a 2-3 mile distance with a mix of walking and running.  I stop my watch every time we start walking.


This week’s mileage: 10+ miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
January Totals: 13 miles
2016 Totals: 13 miles

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