Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weekly Roundup 2.19-2.25

Week 9 of 16

“I’m on the right track baby, I was born to be brave.”

Week 9 started off with a quick run outside after work before hitting the gym for a new series of workouts from Greg.  Monday’s exercises were mostly familiar with the addition of body saw planks on the slide board—ouch!

The next three days were not good for my running.  I skipped Run Club on Tuesday and went shopping at Marshall’s instead.  L.A.Z.Y.  My friend Steve sent me a Snapchat and I totally wanted to count those *5 miles* towards my weekly mileage!

I didn’t run again on Wednesday.  The new Wednesday workout was hard.  Probably the hardest yet so I took my time learning the exercises thanks to the help of Greg and Craig.  I snatched with the barbell and tried back squats for the first time.  They were so fun!

The laziness continued on Thursday morning and I stayed in bed too long to get in a run before work.  As a result I hit the treadmill for 4 miles at 7:30pm after a long day and two night classes.  I was beat and was going to stop at 3 but Erin helped push me to 4 miles.

I decided to have a #TreatYoSelf morning on Friday and started the day off by getting my nails done.  I stopped home to pick up Georgie and we headed to Cotuit for our beach to beach run.  I love running that route with her!  She did great!

Later that night I went back to the gym to workout with the ladies (+Craig) and NormaTec.

My mom went with me to Hyannis on Saturday morning to pick up my number for the Hyannis Half Marathon.  I signed up to race earlier in the week even though the forecast was calling for RAIN!  It was so hard to believe because on Saturday morning it was 52 degrees with not a cloud in the sky.  I ran a short shakeout run in the sun as soon as I got home.

I ended the week running a half marathon PR!  Confidence is building with 7 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon!  You can read my full race report here:

Upcoming events:

·      7 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 2.19.18
3 miles (22:27)
Greg’s Workout #10
Burdenko H2O
12,607 steps

Tuesday 2.20.18
Taught spin class
8,980 steps

Wednesday 2.21.18
Greg’s Workout #11
7,941 steps

Thursday 2.22.18
4 treadmill miles (30:34)
Taught spin class
Power Water
18,560 steps

Friday 2.23.18
2.5 miles with G (22:18)
Greg’s Workout #12
12,398 steps

Saturday 2.24.18
3.35 miles (24:37)
20’ walk with the fam
12,714 steps

Sunday 2.25.18
Hyannis Half Marathon 13.1 miles (1:32:31)
24,772 steps

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This week’s mileage: 26 miles
This week’s G mileage: 2.5 miles
February Totals: 110 miles
2018 Totals: 222 miles

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