Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday long runs are back!

& Spring is here on Cape Cod?   

I finally recovered from Monday's workout that left me foam rolling my screaming hamstrings ALL WEEK.  It sounded so simple and easy.  I modified an old workout from Eric...

·      20 Box Jumps
·      Walking Lunge with Curl AND Press 8# x10
·      Single Leg Deadlift 12# x10 each
·      10 Push Ups

3 times through.  No rest between exercises.  2 minute rest in between rounds.

I survived an easy 5 mile run on Wednesday and a recovery day on Thursday (by recovery I mean Spin & Power Water!) so this morning I dug out my shorts and compression socks for my longest run since my stitches.  It was a beautiful 66 degrees.  The sun was shining.  I also swallowed my first bug of the season & almost face planted trying to cross a busy street.  Overall a great spring long run on my favorite day of the week.  Happy Friday y’all.

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