Friday, August 12, 2016

BibRave Pro Product Review: XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a pair or XX2i Australia1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Have you ever tried XX2i sunglasses?

The Australia1 my third pair of sunglasses by XX2i to review as a BibRave Pro!  The first pair was the USA1 and they were my go to pair of running sunglasses until the Australia1 came around.  While there are different qualities I like about the USA1 and Australia1, I am pumped to have two pairs of sunglasses in rotation that fit great and I love for running.

If you were wondering… The other pair of sunglasses I own are the Bermuda1, which is part of XX2i’s casual line.  You’ve probably seen them on me.  I literally wear them for all non-running outdoor activities.

A Cool Company with Great Products

I love XX2i’s description on their website of why they exist:

“We support people that make a difference every day. People who are committed to a healthy, athletic lifestyle and being good citizens. People who appreciate quality, innovation and no BS marketing. We are committed to producing the best possible eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts and stand behind each product we product with integrity and pride to insure your completely satisfied no matter what.”

What’s so special about the Australia1?
·      Interchangeable temple arms and strap system for intense activities.
·      Removable padded insert for extra protection against the elements.
·      Lightweight and durable frames with a unique wraparound style for enhanced peripheral vision.
·      Polarized lenses with 8K optical technology.

So when do I wear my Australia1 sunglasses?

Running!  Duh.

Other bonuses:
·      Polarized lenses that are so clear and colors are so vivid.
·      My USA1 sunglasses are white and my Bermuda1 sunglasses are tortoise so I was excited to receive my Australia1 sunglasses in matte black with polarized grey lenses!  YEAH!  Black sunglasses are definitely more my style.  Black not your thing?  They also make the Australia1 in matte tortoise and matte white/black with both grey and brown lense options.
·      They sit comfortably on my nose and I like that there is no adjustable nosepiece like the USA1.  I haven’t had any trouble with bouncing or sliding around while outside running around in them.
·      The Australia1 also has a little bigger frame then the USA1. I love big frames and I cannot lie…
·      It’s super easy to remove the temple arms and add the accessories.
·      All XX2i sunglasses come in a hard, protective case.  They also come with a soft case that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

·      On numerous hot and humid runs, the lenses have fogged up.  The Australia1 does not have a “venting system” like the USA1.
·      I personally have no need for the straps and extra padding.  I’m sure they would be great if I was out on a mountain bike or participated in any extreme sports!
·      The frames don’t seem as sturdy as the USA1 which I think could be because you can take off the temple arms - BUT XX2i has a lifetime frame and lense warranty if anything happens to them!

Check out the XX2i website.  They offer lots of frame colors and options for lenses.  Worried that they won’t fit you?  XX2i gives you 265 days to return their product.

Join us on Twitter for the XX2i sponsored #BibChat on August 16th at 9pm EST!

And don’t forget to use code XX2iRocks for 50% off your order!

Happy running!

P.S. Georgie (still) gives XX2i “2 paws up!”

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