Monday, February 4, 2019

Weekly Roundup 1.28-2.3

Week 6 of 16

Let me start out by saying that this week kicked my butt!  For real.  Marathon training hit me hard.  I upped my workouts in the gym, nailed my treadmill speed workout, fought my way through a tough, cold AF long run and now I am BEAT.

My week started off with a Monday afternoon lift session followed by a short run in the dark with G.  It was the first time in quite a while that I left the gym feeling like I really pushed myself.  It was a good feeling but I woke up Tuesday morning with screaming hamstrings.  Spin Tuesday morning helped loosen up my legs to prepare me for Tuesday afternoon’s speed workout.  I opted to stay indoors and ran 6 half mile repeats—my hardest workout so far this marathon training cycle.  

Training for Boston last year I began strength training 3x per week (something I did not do for any of my previous marathons) but totally skipped out on the speed work.  This year I’m trying to find a good balance between both by lifting 2x per week and adding back in a speed work day.

Wednesday was pretty much a repeat of Monday.  I kicked butt in the gym then ran with G.  I was so sore Thursday that I suffered through spin and swim then ended up in the NormaTec chair for a bonus recovery session.

I was originally supposed to visit with friends off cape on Saturday afternoon so instead of rushing through a long run Saturday morning, I decided for the second week in a row to run long on Friday.  I mentioned last week how tough that is for me but I knew I needed to just get it done.  It was cold—16 degrees, *feels like* 5 degrees at the start of my run.  I went to work and ran from there with the idea that if it was really TOO cold for me, I would run at least 6 or 8 miles outside then finish up on the treadmill to total 16 miles.

I procrastinated a while in the morning hoping it would warm up but I knew it was not so I bundled up and headed out towards the beach.  It was cold but not uncomfortably cold—well except the few times I was running in the shade with the wind in my face.  BRRR!  When I stopped I was able to take my gloves off without freezing and my phone didn’t die of cold which is always a good thing. After the first 5 miles to the beach I decided I would just stay outside and go for it.  I was probably running faster than I should have been because of the cold because it really hit me with about 3 miles to go.  I struggled.  It was hard.  That run took a lot out of me and I was pretty useless the rest of the day.

Even worse was the sad attempt at an easy treadmill run on Saturday morning.  I did not feel good at all.  My whole body ached.  My legs felt like bricks.  I was a mess but week 6 is done… on to the next, on on to the next one!

Upcoming events:

·      10 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 1.28.19
1.43 miles with G (12:40)
Burdenko H2O

Tuesday 1.29.19
6.5 treadmill miles (48:40) with 6x800 at 9.0 mph
Taught spin class

Wednesday 1.30.19
1.53 miles with G (14:3)

Thursday 1.31.19
Taught spin class
Power Water

Friday 2.1.19
16 miles (2:02:13)

Saturday 2.2.19
4.5 treadmill miles (36:32)
18’ walk with the fam

Sunday 2.3.19
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O

Week 1 of 16             Week 5 of 16

This week’s mileage: 30 miles
This week’s G mileage: 3 miles
January Totals: 110 miles
February Totals: 20 miles
2019 Totals: 130 miles

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