Thursday, February 28, 2019

Weekly Roundup 2.18-2.24

Week 9 of 16

Another week on the IR but things are looking up!

On Monday I got on the elliptical for the first time and was completely pain free while doing it.  I only did 5 minutes then jumped in the pool for 30 minutes of deep water running.

I had to work the opening shift on Tuesday—which meant I had to be at work at 5:15am.  This gave me major anxiety all week and I barely slept the night before.  I kept waking up every half hour or so jumping up in my head screaming WHAT TIME IS IT?!  I made it to work on time and survived the day.  Kathy came over from Osterville to meet with me after work.  I did 8 minutes on the elliptical then continued with more exercises, e-stim, massage and stretching.  That night I was in bed at 8pm.

Wednesday more deep water running then I attempted 10 minutes on the elliptical.  All good!  Craig let me borrow his portable e-stim unit so I went home and started using it regularly for 30 minutes 2-3x per day.  So far that seems to be the best thing for the nerve pain/tingling I’ve been dealing with in my foot.

I had to work for a few hours Friday morning then met with Kathy again.  I got up to 15 minutes on the elliptical with permission to try 30 minutes over the weekend.  Elliptical feels great.  It’s just SO BORING and I have a hard time getting my heart rate up.

Saturday morning Georgie and I met my parents at the beach for a walk.  

Later I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical then got in the pool to lap swim for the first time in about 2 years.  That’s always humbling.  You think you’re in shape.  You’re marathon training.  Then you can barely make it through 30 minutes of freestyle swimming.  Swimming used to be my life before I started running.  I spent 2-3 hours per day in a pool with the Cape Cod Swim Club.  Lap swimming—as boring as it is—always makes me happy.

Other highlights:

·      Friday was National Margarita Day!  I don’t drink tequila but I couldn’t pass up a trip to Anejo with Run Club friends Jason and Mike.  Raspberry mojito and fried ice cream FTW.

Upcoming events:

·      7 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 2.18.19
5’ elliptical
30’ deep water running
Burdenko H2O

Tuesday 2.19.19
8’ elliptical

Wednesday 2.20.19
10’ elliptical
30’ deep water running

Thursday 2.21.19
Power Water

Friday 2.22.19
15’ elliptical
30’ walk with G

Saturday 2.23.19
30’ elliptical
30’ lap swim (1,840 yards)
48’ walk with the fam

Sunday 2.24.19
Burdenko H2O

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This week’s mileage: 0 miles
This week’s G mileage: 0 miles
February Totals: 49 miles
2019 Totals: 159 miles

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