Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weekly Roundup 2.4-2.10

Week 7 of 16

Spring is here!  Just kidding.  But it sure felt like it at the beginning of this week.

On Monday not only did it get up to 50 degrees but the sun set at 5:01pm!  What a treat!  I was still feeling a little sluggish from last week so I went outside for 4 easy miles.  Even though it was warm, it felt pretty damp but Tuesday… Tuesday was perfect.  Perfect running weather.  I ran outside for the second day in a row.  This time I went for 5 miles and added in 2 miles of Fartlek running.  It was so refreshing.  I felt great but I did feel a bit guilty.  My original plan was to go to run club but I couldn’t pass up running at 4pm when I got out of work.  Maybe next week…

I lifted on Wednesday.  Part of me wanted to take G for a short night run after, part of me was just lazy.  Lazy won and I convinced myself I needed an extra running rest day.

I got up Friday morning to rain and I debated going to the gym to get in my 5 miles.  As the morning went out, the rain seemed to stop so I grabbed G for a mile and a half before finishing up the rest of my mileage on my own.  Throughout the run we experienced mist then a heavy mist to a light rain then back to cloudy again.  Oh well.  At least I avoided the treadmill this week!

Saturday was back to long run day.  Last week after my 16 miler I was so excited to know I only had 12 miles this week.  I don’t know why because in reality 12 miles is still a lot of work, especially when you want to run well and it’s less than 30 degrees with wind over 25 mph.

I decided to run in Falmouth even though all of my Falmouth routes take me by the water.  That probably wasn’t my best decision but Georgie was happy that she got to hang out with grandma and grandpaw.  The wind was constant my entire run but there were 3 spots in particular where the wind was so strong that I was brought to a standstill.  I had to change up my route in order to survive the run but that meant I was able to take a detour to see Lola and Parker!


Upcoming events:

·      9 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 2.4.19
4 miles (30:15)
Burdenko H2O

Tuesday 2.5.19
5 miles (time) with 2 mile Fartlek
Taught spin class

Wednesday 2.6.19

Thursday 2.7.19
Taught spin class
Power Water

Friday 2.8.19
1.58 miles with G (16:32)
3.45 miles (26:11)

Saturday 2.9.19
12 miles (1:30:25)

Sunday 2.10.19
Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O

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Week 2 of 16             Week 6 of 16

This week’s mileage: 26 miles
This week’s G mileage: 1.5 miles
February Totals: 46 miles
2019 Totals: 156 miles

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