Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Weekly Roundup 3.11-3.17

Week 12 of 16

Can you believe there is only 4 weeks left until Boston?!  I can’t.  I mean I know I missed a couple key weeks of training but still.  Time is flying by!  And the good news is that I’m not 100% but I’m pretty darn close.

This week started out with a beautiful 6 miles on Monday.  I was feeling super sluggish throughout the day—daylight savings always kicks my butt—but I couldn’t help but have a great run with the sun shining and hints of spring weather.

I decided to take it easy on Tuesday and opted indoors on the elliptical plus a strength training session.  It was another nice day but I didn’t want to overdo it after 10 miles on Saturday and 6 on Monday.  I was back outside on Wednesday for 4 miles with temperatures dropping again.  I pulled out my 2018 Boston Marathon jacket for some extra motivation.

Thursday night kicked off “birthday weekend” with two really fun spin and swim classes.

I got my nails done on Friday morning before seeing Kathy for PT.  Even though I’d been feeling much better, she suggested I come in for some manual work and to get taped before my weekend long run.  It’s so hard to say no.  She’s too good to me!  I also never get to see her because her only days in the Mashpee location are on Fridays when I’m off so it’s always fun to get to chat with her.

The rest of the day was great.  I treated myself to a big iced caramel macchiato at Starbucks and an everything bagel at Bagel Havel.  I went for a short run with G—our first together since my injury!  Later in the afternoon I went to Naukabout for some day drinking with Craig then came home to carb load and get to bed semi-early to rest up for my long run.

My alarm went off much earlier than I wanted on Saturday morning but I was headed to Plymouth to meet up with my friend Steve who then was driving us to Boston to run on the course.  The Marathon Sports Wellesley store is located at Mile 14.7 which is perfect to run and experience the later stages of the race.  They held group runs each week during Boston Marathon training but this was the first I was healthy enough to attend.  Running out was great.  I was looking around trying to take in some of the sights along the course.  Sights I did not see on April 16, 2018.  Seriously though, nothing was familiar.  Nothing!  When I said I ran with my head down to block out the rain, I was telling the absolute truth.  

Along the way we got to run the Newton hills and I now know what hill is Heartbreak Hill.  In case you missed my race report from last year’s Boston Marathon, I was halfway up Heartbreak Hill when I asked another running if we were on Heartbreak Hill.  It’s still not as bad as I imagined.  I’m still thinking it’s more of a mental battle for people.

Once our watches hit 7 miles we turned around to face some nasty headwinds all the way back.  The wind was constant and brought us to a standstill at times.  I remember turning to Steve and saying it felt like we were running in slow motion!  It was brutal.

We got back to the store to a little party with Hoka and I finally tried 26.2 Brew—the beer brewed by Sam Adams made specifically for the Boston Marathon runners.  I also picked up my Boston Marathon jacket as an early birthday present.

After the run I went straight to my parents’ house for a *late afternoon* birthday brunch.  My mom made French toast casserole, bacon and a nice fruit spread while we sipped on mimosas.  

We also made a stop to Dairy Queen.  It was opening weekend and we couldn’t pass up buy one, get one.  I met up with Katrina for a while that night to complete the day.  I was exhausted but it was so good to see her and catch up.

The birthday celebrations continued on Sunday.  David and Lindsey made me feel special all day at work.  One of the spinners brought us Irish soda bread.  I am pretty anti-St. Patrick’s Day but I gave it a try!  After work I had my annual birthday lasagna with my parents along with my mom’s famous birthday cake.  Overall a fantastic birthday weekend.  Big thanks to everyone that made it great.

Other highlights:

·      My birthday is on Monday!!

·      I always like to share cool products so check out these awesome custom socks Lizzie sent me for my birthday.  It’s Georgie!  The company is called Divvy Up.  Aaaamazing!

Upcoming events:

·      4 weeks until the Boston Marathon!

Monday 3.11.19
6 miles (45:55)
Burdenko H2O

Tuesday 3.12.19
30’ elliptical
1/2 Taught spin class

Wednesday 3.13.19
4 miles (30:36)

Thursday 3.14.19
1/2 Taught spin class
Power Water

Friday 3.15.19
2.06 miles with G (20:43)
10’ elliptical

Saturday 3.16.19
14 miles with Steve (1:56:45)
20’ walk with the fam

Sunday 3.17.19
1/2 Taught spin class
Burdenko H2O

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This week’s mileage: 26 miles
This week’s G mileage: 2 miles
March Totals: 54 miles
2019 Totals: 214 miles

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