Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekly Roundup 4.11-4.17

Week 6 of 12

6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go!

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I started off the week with some good mileage on Monday then wimped out on a rainy Run Club bringing my streak of two weeks in a row to a halt.  Wednesday I powered through another set of half mile repeats.  My first split was relatively slow, sped up for the second, ran into the wind on three and four and ended with a fast final rep at sub-6 minute pace.  My legs were moving!

On Friday Georgie ran her longest run to date!  4 miles!  We did take a few breaks and an extended break on the beach around the half way point but overall we had a great run.  Even better, she literally slept all afternoon on Friday and ALL DAY on Saturday.  

A tired dog = A happy mom!

Friday vs. Saturday Beach Run
I really struggled to get out the door on Saturday for my long run.  I didn’t mention how beautiful and sunny and BLUE it was on Friday but then Saturday it was SO GREY and SO WINDY.  I was supposed to run 8 miles last weekend and 10 miles this weekend but ran 10 miles last weekend so… I ended up taking a longer route than expected and got back to my car in 13 miles.  It was ok.  Once I got out there, I was fine.  Legs felt good.  Breathing felt good.  It was a little on the cool side and I did struggle a bit with the strong wind gusts but I was happy to log 13 miles and finish the week off with 32 miles—my biggest week since the Houston Marathon.

Next week I plan to run a speed workout on Monday and take it easy for the rest of the week.  On Saturday I will be running the Cape Cod Beer Race to the Pint 10k.  My goal is to run sub-7 minute pace in hopes to build some confidence going into the final weeks of Buffalo Half Marathon training.  We will see how that goes…

Other highlights:

·      On Sunday I had my first waffle cone of the year!  Find out Run Jen Run’s selection for “Best Waffle Cones on Cape Cod” here:
·      When I arrived home from my long run on Saturday, a package from Zensah was waiting at my doorstep.  It’s my next BibRave Pro test product: the Zensah Well Rounded Shorts.  There are some nice days coming up in the 5-day forecast and I am looking forward to trying them out!

Upcoming events:

·      1 week until the Cape Cod Beer Race to the Pint!
·      5 weeks until the 7th Annual Piggy Trot!
·      6 weeks until the Buffalo Half Marathon!

Monday 4.11.16
5 miles (37:27)
1.97 miles with G (17:40)
19,251 steps

Tuesday 4.12.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Run This Town Spin Playlist
10 push ups
7,051 steps

Wednesday 4.13.16
6 miles (43:45) with 5x1/2mi, 2’ recovery <--3:21, 3:04, 3:09, 3:10, 2:56
1 mile with G (9:15)
22,586 steps

Thursday 4.14.16
0.99 miles with G (9:26)
Taught spin class. The playlist: Somethin’ Bad Spin Playlist
Power Water
15,223 steps

Friday 4.15.16
4 miles with G (33:18)
15,206 steps

Saturday 4.16.16
13 miles (1:42:25)
30,181 steps

Sunday 4.17.16
Taught spin class. The playlist: Pump It Spin Playlist
Burdenko H2O
11,679 steps

This week’s mileage: 32 miles
This week’s G mileage: 8 miles
April Totals: 71.5 miles
2016 Totals: 269 miles

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